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10 Things You Would Not Believe Were Created By Man

The sight of the following structures may leave you in disbelief, but we assure you that they do in fact exist throughout the world. Here are some real life places and things that are so outrageous, you may be believe they were imported from another dimension.

Nothing this unbelievable can be man-made, right? Here are 10 things that look like they were created by aliens, but were in fact the work of man!

10. This piece of art by Dale Chihuly

9. The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Shinjuku

8. A digital aurora borealis called “The Place” in China

7. These steps in Bockenheim, Frankfurt

6. The Palm Jumeirah

5. This West Hollywood subway

4. This escalator inside the Atomium

3. EXPO station in Singapore

2. Victoria Centre, Belfast

1. And finally, the oldest and most classic example: Easter Island

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images

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