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6 Reasons New York City Does Cinco de Mayo Better Than Anywhere Else

Want to spend the unforgettable margarita-and-taqueria-filled holiday in an unforgettable city? There’s no one that does Cinco de Mayo quite like New York (nope, not even Mexico) and no one who knows how to serve a specialty jalepeño-infused, spicy-and-sweet margarita or an endless bowl of chips and guac like the City That Never Sleeps.

While the rest of the world is relaxing with a watered-down cocktail and a pre-packaged container of guacamole on Monday night, New Yorkers are holding a weekend-long extravaganza that bleeds into Monday in honor of the hot-‘n’-spicy Mexican fiesta.

We’re party people. It’s what we do. It’s what we live for. So put the lime in the tequila and prepare to pass the bottle ’round. (Hell, keep it to yourself. We’re not judging.)

Here are the top six reasons New York does Cinco de Mayo better than any other spot on the planet. (Yep, we went there!)

1. You’re invited – and encouraged – to ride a carousel while sipping on cervezas.

Yep, Jane’s Carousel is starting the celebrations a day early with the opening of its new mobile bar. It has even invited Los Tacos to host the event, which takes place right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

What other city wants you to taste taco after taco while going round and round and round? Sounds boozy – and dangerous. But we’re into it.

2. There’s a “Derby de Mayo” pub crawl.

As if you needed another reason to switch between your Derby best and your sombrero, the Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl is putting up the best drink specials all throughout the East Village, including $2 draft beers, $3 bottled beers and $4 margaritas and tequila shots. Hard to say no to something that tastes so good, ain’t it?

3. Your sombrero could win you a grand prize.

The party isn’t just happening in Manhattan. At Studio Square in Astoria, Queens you could be the winner of the Best Sombrero Contest (the bigger, the better, y’all!) in between taking down Dos Equis pitchers and tequila shots all afternoon long.

4. We’re taking the fiesta to the streets.

A hop, skip and a jump away from Grand Center (read: right outside its golden doors), there’s a Cinco de Mayo Street Fair that’s serving up – and selling – the most culturally authentic gear to commemorate the global occasion.

Consider it your one-stop shop for drinks, eats, crafts and treats, all with a spicy touch of Mexican-inspired flavor.

5. We’ve found a reason to celebrate beer, bacon and the Mexican Holiday. Together.

Sorry, but what other city has capitalized on the opportunity to blend together margaritas, beer and bacon?

The Queens-based eatery, Rest-au-Rant hosts a weekly Beer and Bacon All-Night Happy Hour and since the Mexican holiday falls on a Monday, they’ve found good reason to combine all three.

A mango margarita with a side of crispy bacon? Say no more.

6. We throw the best parties.

I’m sorry, but was there ever any reason for anyone to dispute this? If an average weekend in the city wasn’t enough to convince you, come back for the holiday weekend.

There’s a party honestly everywhere you turn in this weekend for Cinco de Drinko and no matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to throw back one too many tequila shots, taste one too many crunchy tacos and sip on one too many margaritas.

And when you’ve had your fill of the fun, you can call a cab to get you home (and then stop for pizza – ’cause let’s be real: Nothing tastes better at 5 am than greasy, slimy, authentic American-made pizza… even on a Mexican holiday.)

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Kylie McConville


Kylie is the deputy editor and in charge of managing the women's lifestyle team. She's most likely tired, so be nice to her, okay?
Kylie is the deputy editor and in charge of managing the women's lifestyle team. She's most likely tired, so be nice to her, okay?

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