Destroying Expensive Toys With The Rich & Famous

Destroying Expensive Toys With The Rich & Famous

From the sextuple set of zeros at the end of your bank statement to the bevy of super cars lining your drive way, there certainly are a lot of things to look forward to during the course of your success-filled life. From entrepreneurship, entertainment, and finance to sports, the most successful individuals are blessed with a lifestyle that others only dream of.

Establishing such a top-notch lifestyle based around passion, hard work, and the pursuit of success will bring you some of the best things the world has to offer. Although toys may be only a small symptom of success, they are undoubtedly something to be appreciated and indulged in… and in most cases, they are.

Unfortunately, all the wealth in the world cannot disclaim idiotic mistakes and tragic mishaps that some established individuals will experience. And this is not surprising, as there is not one person on planet earth who can claim to be infallible. Yet, that statement does not ease the frustration of seeing the destruction of thing that the Average Joe would idolize, while the owners of said things seem to be utterly unfazed by any of these losses.

Why? Because at worst, these material possessions are replaceable in all ways. But again, the headache of having to sustain a loss of something treasured – especially when it is as a result of human error – is undoubtedly one of the most cringing occurrences in the lifestyles of the Elite. Here are some of the world’s most extreme disasters of luxury in the lifestyles of the rich and famous:

15. Drowning the $1.2m Bugatti

A driver got distracted by a bird and crashed his Bugatti Veyron into a lake. An unnamed man drove his $2 million Bugatti Veyron into a lake in Texas in 2009. Apparently, the man was distracted by a low-flying pelican and ended up in the lagoon.


14. Elbow Dropping A Picasso

Steve Wynn’s elbow destroyed Picasso’s Le Reve in 2006. Wynn, the CEO of Wynn Resorts had recently agreed to sell the painting for a cool $139 million when he got too close to the canvas and put his right elbow through it. Damage estimates hovered around $40 million.


13. Deep Fried Mansion

An unnamed tycoon had a major mishap while cooking with a deep fryer. A man, described by Forbes only as a tycoon, decided it would be a good idea to use a deep fryer, which was designed to cook whole turkeys, to make a single chicken breast. He left the deep fryer in the basement of his mansion while he went to walk the dog, and lo and behold, came back to a fire that caused more than $1 million in losses. These types of accidents aren’t as uncommon as you might think. TV chef and founder of Auntie Cholesterol’s Kitchen Beatrice Wilson fell backwards into her deep fryer, which was full of fermenting artificial chicken grease.


12. The Wrong Petrol

Roman Abramovich used the wrong fuel and nearly destroyed his yacht. A yacht belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who also owns Chelsea Football Club, was filled with petrol in 2005. It was a diesel engine. A single tank of fuel for his nearly $100 million yacht costs almost $165,000. So after spending money on the wrong type of fuel, Abramovich had to pay to clean out his engine, an expensive process.


11. Swiss SLR Side Swipe

An Italian socialite crashed his supercar in Switzerland. Italian socialite Roberto Parli reportedly hit not just one but two cars in April 2011 while driving on a Swiss highway. Authorities believe Parli was intoxicated when his McLaren SLR side-swiped another car in Switzerland. However, Parli kept right on driving and hit another car. When he eventually stopped, Parli reportedly yelled “”I’m a millionaire, I’ll pay for everything I don’t care.”


10. Breaking Speedboats

Music mogul Richard Branson caused his speedboat the Virgin Atlantic Challenger to capsize in the Atlantic in 1985. Branson was attempting the fastest-ever Atlantic crossing at the time of the incident. While no one knows for sure what caused the maritime accident, the weather wasn’t the best and the boat developed a fuel leak, according the BBC. Branson’s tropical getaway Necker Island also recently burned down during Hurricane Irene.


9. Bentley Winning

Charlie Sheen’s car goes driving without him — right off a cliff. The former “Two and a Half Men” star’s car went over a cliff in California. But, apparently, Sheen wasn’t in it. The Mercedes was stolen from Sheen’s Sherman Oaks home in 2010 and was found overturned in the bottom of the ravine. A second Sheen-mobile was again found overturned at the bottom of a cliff in June, 2010 — only five months after the first incident. On both occasions, the cars were left unlocked in a parking garage with the keys sitting inside.


8. Crash Landing

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ spaceship project crashed during a test fight. A spaceship funded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos crashed during a test flight in early September. People on the ground lost contact with the craft and were unable to control it during the flight. Bezos’ big dream is to develop a practical means of space tourism. Seems his first venture didn’t go so well.


7. The Tragedy That Is Lilo

Lindsay Lohan was involved in not one, but three high-profile car crashes. The constantly struggling actress has been involved in not one, but three high-profile car crashes over the past four years. Her car, she reportedly wasn’t driving at the time, struck a paparazzo ‘s vehicle in 2010. Then, back in 2009, she was riding shotgun when another driver smashed into a wall in Hollywood. And while that accident wasn’t her fault, in 2007 she battled driving under the influence and car-chase allegations in relation to a third crash.


6. The Hamptons Is Not Good Enough

David Tepper didn’t think his Hamptons house was good enough so he knocked it down. Hedge fund manager David Tepper was the owner of a once beautiful Hamptons mansion that included a tennis court, views of the ocean, and a swimming pool. But apparently that’s just not up to his standards. Tepper is in the process of tearing down the palatial pad to build an even bigger one. The new 11,268 square-foot-house is being built over the natural dunes in order to improve Tepper’s view of the ocean and will include a new sunken tennis court.


5. Mad Men

This ‘Mad Men’ star couldn’t control her Land Rover. Mad Men star January Jones smashed her Land Rover into three parked cars in June 2010. But instead of waiting for police, Jones went home to change into fresh clothes and grab a piece of chewing gum, supposedly to mask her alcohol-laced breath, before returning to the scene.


4. Grey’s Anatomy

A TV doctor caused medical mayhem with a multi-car pile-up. Former “Grey’s Anatomy” star T.R. Knight was the cause of a March 2009 three-car accident in Hollywood. Knight apparently made his left turn a little late and collided with another driver when he was going through the intersection.


3. Get In The Chopper

One of Scotland’s most successful businessmen crashed his helicopter into a lake. Keith Punler, a Scottish tycoon who is one of the country’s most successful businessmen, crashed his helicopter into a lake in Scotland after receiving a call that beloved $34,000 boat had been stolen. Punler was trying to land on his private helipad in 2010 when he was distracted by Loch Long in Argyll, causing his helicopter to clip the water and flip. Fortunately, he survived the incident and the boat was recovered.


2. Sinking A Luxury Yacht

A luxury boat in China sank before it ever made a journey. A luxury boat in China, rumored to have cost $2.67 million, sank as soon as it touched water earlier this year. A minister of transportation for Lanzhou, the city that reportedly commission the boat, blamed the incident on faulty work by the builders.


1. Sledgehammers To The Lambo

A Chinese millionaire got mad at his car and hired workers to destroy it. What’s a man to do if his car breaks down? Well, if he’s a Chinese millionaire known only as Mr. Han, he destroys it. Han was fed up with his Lamborghini Gallardo breaking down, so he paid workers to take sledgehammers to the luxury car. In March, 2011, about nine workers ganged up on the car, which costs about $205,905 by the way, in Qingdao city in Shandong province.

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