How Feminism Has Created The Modern Man

How Feminism Has Created The Modern Man
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The modern man is not one who is liked by many. In fact, being the modern man can currently make you one of the most hated people in society. Who is the modern man, you ask? A man with alpha male traits, one who is considered an asshole by many, one who is out for his own interests more than anything else. 

The modern man is generally unwilling to commit or settle down, with more and more men waiting until their 30′s or 40′s to get married, if they ever do. After years of progression towards collaborated roles, what is the cause for the man to fight back and resort to the animalistic, alpha male status all of the sudden? Believe it or not, it is due to the feminist movement, and here is why:

Feminists have ruined their households

In the past decade and a half we have really seen the rise of feminists with the Internet allowing them to voice their opinions so easily. It allowed them to publish articles such as one entitled “Why You Should Cheat On Your Husband.” Women are not necessarily as strong minded as men and they love to travel in packs so they can think they are in a Sex and the City episode, thus they believed the feminist nonsense and went for it.

What did it cause? A divorce rate that is nearly 60%, and would be much higher if not for prenuptial agreements and financial ramifications. This caused men at a very young age to see their households fall apart and see their divorced and broken down fathers lose nearly everything they had. Growing up in this environment, they vowed to never see themselves in that situation. Why would any modern man want to commit if all they have seen is broken relationships and failed marriages?

The age of the independent woman

Feminism has brought the age of the independent woman and the raise of the alpha woman. Previously, what kept families together and strong was the fact that the men were the head of the household, with the women holding down the fort at home. In this new age, feminists have made their push to cause women to think they are perfectly fine on their own and don’t need a man to be by their side. This has left women trying to “find themselves” at age 30 or 40. The independent woman has also become something that is annoying to deal with as a man.

It has caused a power struggle between the two genders, as the dominance that was so swayed to one side has been shaken and now has become a game of tug of war. Two alpha personalities are destined to clash, and are far from ideal for a household. Women have assumed the dominant role, and this has forced the dominant male to live independently.

For men who are passive, these women keep them whipped into shape and the relationship works until the man can’t take anymore. This has shaped the modern man to not want to commit to the women that are out there because none of them want to deal with their personalities and none of them want to get bitched at. Men want the women who are going to be by their sides no matter what, the ones who will help them throughout life, and not just sit there and criticize and boss them around. Because women are becoming just like men this has lead into two negatives to clash and unlike in math two negatives don’t necessarily equal a positive.

Women want the “nice asshole”

The feminist way of thinking has forced women to want something that doesn’t exist. Women currently want a man who is an asshole, but also a nice guy. They don’t want nice guys because they are just too boring for them and not as exciting.

The problem is the modern man is no longer a nice asshole, but a rather a full-fledged asshole. It’s just like the concept of being half-pregnant; it doesn’t work that way. Nice guys aren’t needed to women until beauty fades and babies need to be raised. The problem is the modern man won’t be around for that because he will not want to commit for too long of a period.

Because women are deciding to wait longer to get married, they are making it very easy for men to run around and get easy and quick sex with barely any commitment. This causes them to feel even more empowered and become even bigger assholes. Just when women thought feminism was making them stronger it actually made them look weaker.

50 Shades of Grey & Sex and the City are encouraging promiscuity

The book 50 Shades of Grey has become so popular that it has even saved the business of Barnes and Nobles. 50 Shades of Grey portrays to women that it is ok to basically be a whore, and that traditional household values are completely unnecessary. Girls even at the age of 15 are reading this nonsense propaganda.

The show Sex and the City, which every girl on planet earth has watched, has showed women it is ok to end up exactly like Carrie Bradshaw and stay single until her old age and keep bouncing around from guy to guy. Spoiler alert: no girl is going to have her dream wedding in Dubai. Then you have Samantha, who is the complete whore that bangs guys right and left. The family values and traditional values that women used to be raised on have gone completely out the window, as the concept of being cultured and domesticated have become a thing of the past because of what women are exposed to at a very young age.

Closing thought

Feminists are the root of the main problem at hand when it comes to the fact that the modern man is afraid of committing and would rather use women for the short term than commit to them in the long term. Just when feminists think they are helping society, they prove to be destroying it and causing a huge shake up in the things are currently done between the two genders.

Unfortunately, once feminism came along, women abandoned their pedestal in droves and decided they wanted to share the man’s pedestal with him. They claimed they wanted both sexes on the same pedestal to represent equality and prove men and women are the same. Instead, they found themselves in conflict. Since there isn’t enough room on a pedestal for both of them, feminists pushed men off to make room for themselves. This took a toll on men and has shaped the modern man because every action has a reaction.


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