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How To Find Your Passion In Life

Preston Waters

The equation to achieving your dreams is simple: passion x hard work = success. However, you cannot develop an unparalleled work ethic without first identifying the passion behind your projected vision.

Understanding that your passion is the the fuel to every single one of your ambitions in life is an epiphany that most people dream of. Before you realize this, it is important to recognize that your passion is not developed by scheming over different money making ideas but rather taking consistent actions in every facet of your life that guide you towards the development of your successful future.

Don’t look for the money and materialism that can be reached on the exterior. Instead, understand what is going to make you happy has nothing to do with payment or the size of the reward. True happiness comes from the value of the activity, not what will come after it has been completed.

If it all ended tomorrow, would you be content with how you’ve spent every minute?

Visualize where you want to be in life

A study conducted by Anne Issac in 1992 shows that participants who practiced mental imagery for five minutes before performing a multitude of specific tasks scored significantly higher than those who didn’t. If five minutes of visualization can produce better results, picture the effects from years of mental preparation.

Being able to subconsciously visualize your future will allow you to consciously take hold of opportunities that will lead you there. Winston Churchill once said “Empires of the future are the empires of the mind”. Whether it’s during a relaxing day on the beach or in one of your gen ed. classes freshman year, constant visualization is one of the most important aspects to attaining success. Start building your empire now.

Think about the things that you could do day in and day out, without being paid

Ask anyone who is in the top 10% in their field how they attained such success and the first thing that they will tell you is that they love their job. They go to work day in and day out, fully immersing themselves in what they do.

Many people have the misconception that simply the desire to make more money will be able to motivate them towards that multi-million dollar salary, but in reality it’s the desire to be the best at what they do that drives some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world.

They don’t strive to be the best because of their ego or potential accolades, but for the simple love of the game and the satisfaction you receive when you get better and better at it. Do something for the value of the action in itself, not for the prospective outcome in mind. This way of thinking will help you understand the idea of the journey being the destination.

If there isn’t a viable source of income for your particular field then it’s time to blaze your own trail. Elite individuals do not follow the beaten pathways of others, but rather make their own, giving others the courage to do the same. Lead by example and separate yourself from the herd.

Take initiative and branch out into other areas in life, no matter how ludicrous they seem

Rock climbing, playing quidditch, skydiving, trips to the shooting range. Take advantage of the freedom you have while you are young to be able to explore new endeavors and adventures. You will be surprised of the potential clients you can meet while white water rafting or deep sea fishing off the coast of Maine.

People who are intrigued by new ideas or business ventures are usually those who find great value in learning about all the interesting things life can teach you. Being able to network with people at an informal setting can definitely pay off in the future. Also, when participating in these types of events you gain valuable experience on many levels, being able to see certain situations and crises from many different levels.

Ever been stuck on a cliff side with no way up or down and the only way out is a tree branch 6 feet away from your position, suspended hundreds of feet from the ground?  Handling that situation can make your next business meeting seem like a cake walk.

Think about possible careers — Get your feet wet

While you’re young and ambitious push yourself out of your comfort zones to experience different environments and career paths. Without the pressure of a mortgage, wife and children, every move that you make will be solely centered on you.

Giving you the opportunity to reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of each choice you make is always a profitable learning experience, whether you are pleased with the outcome or not. Win or lose there is no comparison to the real world experience that you will gain from making your own business decisions, whatever they may be. Never be afraid to test the waters.

Find the environment and individuals that force you to elevate your work ethic

A very important key here is to eliminate anyone and anything in your life that restricts you from becoming who you were meant to be. They can disguise themselves in many ways, from family members, to best friends, to girlfriends. While it may seem cruel erasing these people from your life during your “hustle period,” this cleaning process is what truly differentiates the ones who made it and the ones who fall short. From constant nagging, to hand outs, to just plain pessimism, people like this can destroy everything you have worked for from the ground up.

Develop a team of like-minded individuals that will motivate you through their work ethic, personality and ambition. Groups that will support you when the chips are down, yet hold you responsible as an individual. People that will call you out when need be and hold you financially accountable, but also be willing to follow you to the ends of the earth.

Find the right group of motivators and keep building momentum until you reach the pinnacle of success in your area of expertise, then take on a new endeavor. The beauty of the ultimate team is that complacency is hard to reach when a fellow associate is constantly pushing you to become great. Yet the right team is nothing without the right environment, coming from a neighborhood full of murderers and drug dealers may be no different than a small rural town when it comes to elevating yourself.

If you do not feel motivated by your surroundings you must do the best you can to change them and while the move may seem radical at first, it will pay dividends as long as you never stop striving to reach your dream.

Let your career path be a constant source of stimulation and inspiration — Find creative environments

We all have things we like to do in our free time, things we may even love or cherish, but the difference in finding out if it’s something you can make a career out of is whether or not you feel inspired by what you’re doing. Are you able to go day in and day out without feeling a sort of fulfillment in what you’re doing?  Once the decision is made, take that idea and run with it while never accepting no as an answer.

Choose a career that you can focus on and resist distractions — A focus that you can dive into whole-heartedly without hesitation and second guessing yourself

This may be one of the hardest concepts to grasp. Distractions come in many shapes and forms, such as money, women, cars, condos, or environments. While these things may seem like the best thing for you at the time, they are nothing but mere obstacles in achieving self-fulfillment.

When picking a career, choose something that you could do literally all day and night. Be prepared to go the extra mile, so that when you fully immerse yourself, a 5am to 12 am will seem like nothing if you’re in it for the right reasons. If your goal is to obtain wealth simply for gaining material possessions and status then your outlook on life may be a bit distorted.

The Elite enjoy these things as a small token for doing what they really love to do. It’s not a,”Hey look at my fancy car, bad bitch, and house on the beach.It’s more of a “I got all this from doing what I love day in and day out”. Yes there will be some rough days, the number of which will outnumber the easy ones, but when you love what you do, every day will be a new beginning.

Be Innovative, Be inspired, Be Elite.

John Veney | Elite.

Preston Waters


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