How To Be The Quintessential Asshole

How To Be The Quintessential Asshole
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The quintessential asshole is not easy to become. It is a character that takes a lot of hard work and perfected skill to create and develop within yourself. The quintessential asshole reaps all of the most rewarding benefits in modern society. Women love to sleep with him and all men want to be him because it is just such a suiting figure for a man to b in this day and age.

Take a look at Scott Disick, who off the top of our minds is the quintessential asshole of America. He is pompous, rude and obsessed with getting his way but at the end of the day people either love him or love to hate him. The ultimate asshole has a love and hate relationship with his peers because of the dominating traits that come of as threatening to those he surrounds himself with.

As we all know, nice guys finish last and you have to be an asshole to make anything happen in this world and experience significant success in the process. It is not going to come by everyone stepping all over you or you being a “yes man” or whatever the hell that is.

You need to be the captain of the ship, in control of the direction your life has the potential to take. The icing on the cake is the undeniable fact that being the quintessential asshole will not only help you succeed in business but also with women as well.

There are a few key traits that make the quintessential asshole unique and we are about to break them down for you so that you can put them into play in your life.

Self centered

The asshole cares about one thing and one thing only, himself and nothing else. He could care less about the people around him or what someone is going through. They live life only worrying about the one thing they should be worrying about, themselves.


As we all know, to be an asshole you have to be rude. Being nice is being boring and it will usually never get you what you want.

Know what they want

The asshole is always sure of what he wants, when he wants it and how he is going to get it. Most people in this world are indecisive, letting others make decisions for them. The asshole makes his decisions with conviction and follows through with them, no matter what he has to do.


An asshole is somehow obnoxious in everything he does. To be obnoxious you must always be ready to say the things that no one is even expecting you to say. You need to get rid of that little filter in your head that stops you from saying what’s really on your mind. If people get upset that is their problem, your an asshole and you don’t care, remember?


Guys that are nice to girls are the ones that never get laid. We all know women are looking for the bad boy that can stimulate them emotionally and sexually whenever they want. They love a man who is misogynistic and is a tad bit disrespectful to women. They love a man who is demanding and puts them in their place.


It’s all about the ego when it comes to being the asshole. Having that big ego is what fuels the asshole to keep being an asshole every day of his life. The bigger your ego, the more people hate you and the more of an asshole you are. Allow your ego to be ridiculous, growing more and more each day and always be confident that you can conquer any task put in front of you.

Golden Appearance

When you  make yourself look like an asshole, the mind will surely follow. The asshole has the ability to walk into any room and be the center of attention because of his golden appearance. His posture is straight, his clothing is stylish and everything about the way he carries himself is on point to perfection.


Condescending means viewing yourself in a high regard and letting everyone around you know if you feel someone or something doesn’t suit your style. It just means you know what you want out of life and you are always deserving of the most elite form of any person, place or thing.

Closing thought

Be an asshole because being anything else is boring. People will walk all over you if you don’t make a stand for yourself in this world and take control of your own satisfaction. Most importantly, the asshole is always remembered, simply because he makes such an effort to get what he wants.

The asshole is entertaining, the asshole is awe-inspiring, and what’s probably most appealing is the fact that the asshole is the best at taking care of business whenever the occasion calls for it.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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Preston Waters is a thinker. He's not your traditional philosophical persona, however, as he leaves no topic untouched. Covering all the bases, from business to women, Preston Waters is the ultimate man's man for Gen-Y.

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