You Are The Worst Person In America If You Were Apart Of Santacon

You Are The Worst Person In America If You Were Apart Of Santacon

One of the most disgraceful habits of American people is when its citizens find the need to conform to a meaningless and immature tradition and all start acting like idiots on one special day and night.

The night we speak of is Santacon, an internet-created holiday that gives low-end pedestrians and stupid sluts another reason to get wasted with a shitload of people.

Santacon takes the worst qualities of Halloween, New Years and St Paddies day and combines them into one session of drunken debauchery that involves people dressed in Christmas attire making fools of themselves for everyone in New York and other main cities to see.

It is a mockery of a traditionally civil and appreciative holiday that was not intended for people to expose the least respectful sides of themselves and make a joke out of the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. If you need to use Santacon as an excuse to get wasted and try to get laid then you need to really evaluate your life and figure out that there’s more to being young then partying without a purpose.

The people that participate in this ridiculous tradition are old fraternity and sorority kids who have not yet grown up and accepted the fact that they are no longer living on a college campus. These same people were the cool kids on campus, the ones that thought they would always have some sort of significance in this world, only to realize they are worthless and still just as immature as they were in college.

We’re not usually GDI’s here but when you take a normal Saturday afternoon and turn it into a meaningless excuse to get drunk where any girl in a Santa costume looks like she is on bath salts, we’re going to get a little pissed at our fellow members of Generation Y.

It’s the worst day of the year, no question about it. Think about all the little kids still under the impression Santa actually exists who must now realize that their symbol of goodness is really a drunk, half naked 20 year old girl about to blow a balding 24 year old wearing beads and stupid big sunglasses with of course a Santa hat. Taking such a beloved aspect of a holiday and turning it into an excuse to get drunk and laid is a slap in the face to society.

As we always say, there is a right time and place for everything. Sure, this would have been acceptable in college when you have no other responsibilities besides catching a mild case of herpes every weekend and attending themed parties but there is simply no reason to bring that nonsense into the real world.

Next thing we know were going to have a toga themed Saturday so that all ex Greek life can get away from their miserable lives for 1 day and pretend like they are still in college. Grow up already.

Lastly, our nation was hit with a national crisis on Friday, when 20 children and 6 adults died in a senseless shooting. This story didn’t just affect the town it happened in, but the whole country. It is safe to say that it is a bit unacceptable and insensitive for santacon to still go on a day later after such a ruthless event.

But of course our youths’ priorities are all in the wrong places, the pedestrian mindset they should have outgrown many years ago. Good luck paying off your student loans and making a name for yourself when all you know how to do is prevent the world from taking you seriously.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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