Face The Truth, Being Delusional Will Get You No Where

Preston Waters
Whether it be from the way we interpret our experiences or the effect of the media on our fragile minds, a large portion of the modern masses is somewhat delusional on various levels. They live in their own worlds, and what makes this act so delusional is the fact that most people aren’t even aware of their own creations.

The problem with this epidemic is that our own worlds don’t necessarily coincide with our physical reality at all. Not even close to say the least. Many are naive enough to believe that their perception of the world is exactly the same as everyone else’s, thus everyone should be in agreement in terms of the way things work and how we treat one another.

Our generation has a hard time accepting the truth. We feel entitled to everything and because we’re the greatest thing to touch this green earth.  Some of us believe that the real world is a piece of cake if you just go to college, graduate, have a fancy resume on glossy paper and dress for success. These fallacious delusions are what led to Generation Y feeling so entitled, believing that our prosperity is not earned but guaranteed.

It is safe to say that our perception of the world, our lives as well as the lives of others is skewed to the point of no return. We only want to see things go our way. The concepts of understanding sacrifice, respecting the perceptions of other people, and crafting our world with our own actions has been long since forgotten.

The truth of the matter, our real relationship with the external, is something that so many refuse to comprehend because they think that if they refuse to acknowledge it, it simply does not exist.

This brings us to the root of the whole issue: fear. This generation is largely afraid of how the future will pan out, what we will do for work and when we will just find our way because we have only been taught what is in text books to prepare us to be robots and slave away for a company for 35 years to only receive a second hand Rolex and grey hair by the time we’re 33.

The reason we have this fear is because we are not prepared for reality, for the path to success and what is required of us to overcome the seemingly endless amount of obstacles that try to distract us from our goals.

If you talk to any current college grad, you won’t even fathom how many questions they have about what’s to come and how much fear they have stepping into the real world for the first time. Being unprepared leaves us afraid, unwilling to accept the truth of our own responsibility which just gives us the urge to push the journey to success off for later.

This ties back to our perception of the world and what we were promised when we were younger. We are too stubborn to ever admit that we are wrong, which pigeon holes us to be narrow minded, too afraid to leave our comfort zone. Thus, we become delusional, creating our own world that doesn’t hold the harsh consequences and judgments of the actual universe we live in.

It doesn’t just end in our work lives. This carries over into our personal lives as well as how we present ourselves on a daily basis. People want to avoid the truth as much as possible, running away from all responsibility but what they don’t realize is that it eventually catches up to you.

It also doesn’t help that we have so many new toys that cater to our delusional worlds and steer us away from actually doing something useful with our time. With the way our lives are over exposed through social media these days, everyone is constantly trying to compete with one another to see who can impress the most “friends”.

We are too worried about meaningless tribulations and by being so delusional about the real world, we never truly know who we are inside. We become people we think our “friends” would want us to be because our insecurity stemmed from our delusional nature drives us to do so.

But these creations are shallow, with no sense of authenticity. We want to do what everyone else is doing, which just makes even the most exciting lifestyle the new form of “average.” But do these drones ever accept that they are average? Of course not. They’re delusional.

Life is about believing in yourself, facing your fears and steering your future in the right direction. Accept what is effecting the situation you are currently in so you can devise a strategy to fix it instead of just announcing on Facebook that you are starting a new company, which is most likely a bullshit excuse to get the attention of your “friends.”

Nor do you need to broadcast your motivational quotes for the same reason. The only person who needs to wake up and understand what you want to do with your life is yourself.Now I know this article just sounds like one big mind fuck but we all know that being delusional is a huge problem for Generation Y.

It all comes down to personal satisfaction and tranquility yet we are only focused on satisfying others with artificial accomplishments things rather than seeking the fulfillment that comes with reaching our most important goals. Don’t be delusional. Face your fears, accept the truth, then find a way to move forward.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

Preston Waters


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