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Neptune Goes Retrograde This Week, So Get Ready For Things To Fall Into Place

The planet Neptune is a powerful, mystical planet. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune is symbolized by the trident belonging to Poseidon, god of the seas.

This planet governs dreams, fog, gas, mist, abstract thought, illusion, deception, psychic experiences, mystery, dreams, spirituality, and the unknown.

The shadow side of this planet is its influence over hypnosis, drugs, escapism, and hypochondria.

On June 16, Neptune goes retrograde until November 22, and unlike when other planets go retrograde, this one is a good thing.

Here are some things every sign can expect from the coming month's Neptune retrograde.

A Heightened Psychic Sense

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When Neptune goes retrograde, our psychic intuition is on high alert. Whenever we feel that Neptune energy, we can get confused about what's real and what's not — whether or not we are making up the “messages” we're getting.

With Neptune in retrograde though, those spidey senses are spot on, and any confusion we have about them completely vaporizes.

You can strengthen this even more by meditating during this transit; just be prepared to pick up on things you may not actually want to see.

Luckily, with this planet in retrograde, we're less likely to delude ourselves and avoid the truth.

Following Your Inner Voice


Man standing in front of the starry night milky way at night


With Neptune retrograde, the volume on our intuition will be turned up to its maximum level, and following it won't be a problem, either.

Often in life, we get a strong feeling about something, but our mental faculties step in to rationalize it away. You may be spending a good deal of time from now until November investigating these hunches, and find that you instinctively know when to leave them alone and move on to the next thing.

More so than ever, this is a period of time that's about building trust with yourself and building boundaries with others.

Information Overload


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The downside of getting all this information and all these uncomfortable truths is that it can lead to a bit of a paranoid attitude in some of us, but we can turn that around to be a positive thing, too.

Keep in mind that with all of the information you receive, you'll have to sort out what is beneficial for you and what isn't. We all receive a ton of information every day, and we use maybe 10 percent of it.

Think of this time period the same way… use whatever information is useful to you. Discard the rest.

Dreams Becoming Real


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Another way Neptune retrograde will affect people of every sign is in their dream lives. Now is the time to start a dream journal, and when you wake up in the morning, start writing down the images you experience.

You'll likely find these dream images showing up in your waking life at various and unexpected times over the next few months.

Use your dreams and their messages wisely, as you are being given information you can use to yield productive results in your life.

Neptune retrograde is a period of action — of taking your dreams and turning them into something tangible. The universe will be there to support you in your efforts to organize and create a plan to do so.

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Rosebud Baker


Rosebud Baker is a standup comic and writer in NYC. Follow her on Twitter, where she desperately seeks the approval of strangers, but will settle for just attention.
Rosebud Baker is a standup comic and writer in NYC. Follow her on Twitter, where she desperately seeks the approval of strangers, but will settle for just attention.

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