The 10 Types Of Women That Men Will Never Understand

The 10 Types Of Women That Men Will Never Understand
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There are many things men try to understand in this world and one thing that has plagued the minds of men for an eternity is women. Many men have gone through extreme measures just to try to understand the opposite sex. Unfortunately for us, some women still seem to bewilder us.

As men, we always want things laid out for us in a guide, so we can just understand and plan our next move. However there are certain things in life that just happen with no true explanation.

We just have to give into the fact that some things will never be explained. With that being said, we have decided to break down the type of women that men will never comprehend. Here are the 10 women that men will never understand.

The one that constantly has a new designer outfit, but doesn’t have a steady job.


This girl is one that gives the aura of never working a day in her life and that is because she probably never has. Yet, somehow she still finds a way to adorn herself with the latest in designer fashion for every outing. Now we understand that some women are more privileged than others, but there comes a point where we just have to stop and question these behaviors.

The hot girl in high school that somehow got ugly.


This has to be one of the most confusing things ever to happen. We all know the high school beauty, yup that one girl that made you stop everything you were doing no matter how important it was just to look and to enjoy her presence.

Well now she’s ten years removed from Home Coming Queen and it seems that all that dick she received in college and those two quick divorces have proven to be quite taxing on her looks. She is no longer the beauty she used to be. She is in trouble as she is used to using her good looks to get her everything, but now things are different.

The beauty that dates the loser.

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We’ve all scratched our heads at this one; we all remember that one girl that everyone tried to date and somehow our valiant efforts were never enough. Then we see her down the line and she is dating the one man no one expected. She was notorious for turning down everyone under the sun.

Every man offered her the world, yet somehow it was never enough, who would’ve known that quiet kid in the corner would be the one who would sweep her off her feet and be able to court her? Although we will never understand this woman, we must give the man credit for getting that one girl that no one could.

The nagging ex that doesn’t know how to let go.


It’s okay, you definitely have broken a few hearts back in your day, but there is always that one that somehow never seemed to get over it. She always creeps your social media and some way or another, she always knows where you are and who you’re with. She calls at random times and always thinks it’s appropriate to try and drunk text you about how you mistreated her and that she is willing to overlook that if you guys get back together.

You obviously have moved on and she hasn’t, this turns into a little battle and it’s kind of annoying. When you are having a dry spell, it is always good to have this one on the back burner just to get yours, but be careful as she will try anything to get you back.

The ugly one that somehow got hot.


We all used to make fun of the ugly girl back in school. She may have had a great personality, but none of us ever got to know her because we were all too busy making fun of her for being ugly. Although she may have helped you out on a few homework assignments and assisted on tests, it never really helped to spare her the abuse. Well, she now gets the last laugh as somehow she has grown into a stunning woman. It really makes you regret all the times you were mean to her.

The one that consistently dates men who are similar to her first boyfriend.


We’ve all had that one toxic relationship in our dating careers. You know, the type of relationship that seemed to be one sided and only consisted of one person’s effort to keep the whole relationship together. This type of relationship is extremely demanding and stressful.

However, we can never grasp why this woman decides to always date someone that reminds her of her first boyfriend. Although he may have taken your virginity, it’s time you really moved on. Stop dating the dude that’s similar to your first boyfriend, all you’re doing is going in one circle.

The one that insists that you change your Facebook profile to include her.


This has to be one of the most annoying girls to deal with. There is nothing more agitating than dating the social media whore. Although she may be a great girlfriend, she has one huge fault — she thinks social networks are her life. This girl constantly insists that you put her in your profile picture and she will stop at nothing for you to do so. This is her way of claiming you and making sure everybody knows you are hers.

The one that gets in girl fights.


We’ve all dealt with this one. At times she can be considered one of the guys; however, she has one big problem — she always wants to fight. It is quite annoying going out with this type of girl because she gets drunks and looks for trouble. Although she may not have a vendetta against someone initially, she is a hot head and quick to throw the first punch. One moment she’s calm and by your side and the next moment she’s outside the bar whooping some other unfortunate girl’s ass.

The jealous one who has hot friends, but never wants to bring them out.


This woman just needs to know her role. She is usually the one that dates your friend and doesn’t mind coming out with the guys, but just like every girl, she likes to be the center of attention. She doesn’t mind being the only girl amongst men because she will obviously get all the attention. This proves to be detrimental to her value as she can bring so much more to the table, literally.

Although her friends are extremely hot, she chooses never to invite them. This is a sign she is a jealous creature and you best make it known to your boyfriend that it’s time he cut her out soon. If she’s not down to help the team, why keep her around?

The one that has everything, yet is still never satisfied.

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We’ve all met the princess: the one that has all the money in the world, goes on trips as she pleases, dates the hottest guy in school, yet somehow she is still never satisfied. This chick is one that will bewilder us for eternity. We have never met someone with so much, who still manages to be so miserable. It seems as if the world is always closing in on her. Someone just needs to tell this one to sit back, to relax and to enjoy life.

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