The 20 Things You Never Want To See Your Girlfriend Wear

The 20 Things You Never Want To See Your Girlfriend Wear
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There are some things that you want your girl to wear in public and some things you want her to keep in private. When she is by your side and you guys are out and about, it’s important to realize that you are representing each other. Everything you guys do reflects your characters, as well as the type of relationship you have.

While many of us do not care what other people think, it’s important to realize that people will start rumors and spread stories for no reason. Even if the stories may not be true, it is hard to get control of them while they are out there. Everything these days is under an enhanced microscope due to social media. You cannot do anything without people finding out anymore.

Since your girlfriend is also a representation of you and your values, there are just certain things that cannot fly. Appearance is one of the first things that people judge and it’s important that your girl can differentiate between clothes for the public and for the private. Being that you are her boyfriend, she doesn’t need to be dressing in order to impress others. If you notice her dressing in any of the below stated pieces of clothing, then it is time you raise a red flag. Here are the 20 things you never want to see your girlfriend wear:

The J. Lo


Jordan Heels


Fish Net Tops


Black Lipstick


Leather Chaps


Nipple Tassels

Satin nipple tassel red hearts-500x500

Body Paint


Thigh Highs


Lavo Glasses (Or Any Club, For That Matter)


Crop Tops With A Belly Piercing


Bamboo Earrings


Apple Bottom Jeans With The Boots With The Fur


Tongue Rings


Nike Wedges


Booty Shorts


Ankle Bracelets


A Meat Dress


Garter Stockings


Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Gear


Neck Collars

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