The Difference Between East & West Coast Men

The Difference Between East & West Coast Men

As a woman who grew up amongst Los Angeles’ elite and recently moved to New York City, I’ve experienced both sides of the coastal male spectrum. I am here to offer my opinion, which, of course, cannot be used as a generalization for the entire population.

However, I feel this opinion is highly accurate and paints a realistic picture of your Elite men from each coast. In this comparison, I will carefully examine the exterior particularities of East Coast men–specifically, from New York–versus West Coast men—specifically, from Los Angeles–and then work inwards to discuss and analyze personal qualities.

Men from New York simply dress better and appear more well put together than their Californian counterparts. They’re stylish and aware of high fashion brands, have a keen ability to put together a look, and give off an air of elite sophistication the moment they emerge from their apartment.

On the other, more unfortunate hand, we have west coast men, who oftentimes appear as if they’ve recently emerged from a cave.

When men from LA do wear designer brands, they tend to shun the subtler, stylish pieces that don’t blatantly throw the label in the face of the public. Men from the east coast, on the other hand, have established their own looks and have the confidence to rock subtle Hermes belts with their Gucci leather shoes. They come off as polished, fresh, and mature.

Men from New York also communicate in an entirely different manner than those from Los Angeles. Look, Elite—New York eats its youth, so prepare for Manhattanites to be blunt, honest, bold, straightforward, and well-educated. This may leave you the recipient of a scathing critique using vocabulary that will leave you scrambling for a dictionary.

There are certainly negatives to these hardened New York men: They are going to be brutally honest, which might be painful at first, but you will come to find that it’s not best to sugar coat everything. It’s a tough, competitive world where no one will coddle you and pretend that every contribution you make is useful.

For a naïve daddy’s girl from LA like myself, an adjustment to this harsh reality can be intimidating at first; however, it will help you develop a thick skin. The sooner you become indifferent to the opinions of others, the better.

Men from the west coast come off as more down to earth and relatable, but lack the professionalism and sophistication of speech of the East Coast elite.

They tend to mumble as if the words they’re speaking hold no true significance or relevance. Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in education by east coast and west coast parents, only our eastern gentlemen truly resemble what one would anticipate of the finished product of an elite education.

West coast men oftentimes do not fit the definition of success, lacking ambition and an entrepreneurial attitude. Many of these men are complacent with leeching off the success of their parents. Sure, it’s great having your expenses covered, but there comes a point where one must mature and seize the opportunities available in the world.

The Aggressiveness Factor

Personally, I LOVE an aggressive man. However, some women may find it disconcerting when their man is always aggressive.  There is something sexy about when a guy has the confidence, ability, and initiative to grasp control of every situation. Whether making the reservations for dinner or paying for the bill before you get the chance to grab your wallet, this is definitely one of the hottest qualities a man can have.

Men on the west coast are very lax, amenable, and acquiescent. Their disorganization, in combination with an indifferent mindset, results in flaky behavior and a casual approach towards women. East coast men are go-getters due to constant competition, undauntedly approaching women and possessing an unparalleled ability to initiate conversation. Those from the West lack this confidence and gumption, expecting to be hunted by girls.

The Art of Multitasking 

In New York, it is not uncommon to encounter a scenario like this: envision a Hermes-clad businessman simultaneously jaywalking while eating pizza, clutching a soda in his other hand, somehow still managing to send emails on his Blackberry. While this may seem average to our accomplished New York Elite, this is reflective of a skill set absent when you venture beyond the tri-state area. New York men are the multitasking kings.

If someone is presented with a task in New York, five minutes is a reasonable timeframe for completion. In LA, this same short task might take five days to get done.  I will get a call within five minutes letting me know it is done. If I need something done in Los Angeles, it might take 5 days. In comparison, this leaves those from the west coast highly unappealing.

I write this article to inspire those from the west coast to step their game up and increase their pace to match the New York hustle. Hopefully, I can convince some California stoners to become accomplished businessmen.

Amy Reinhardt | Elite.

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