The 15 Different Ways That Successful People Think

Preston Waters

Successful people are not all around us. They are only a small sum of the world’s population. They are the one’s that decided they were going to make something out of this life and refuse to play the hand they were dealt. They believe in themselves and have an extremely advantageous perception of what life can offer them if they just do what they think is right.

This is what the world’s most successful people have in common with each other besides their success, the fact that they all think differently from the average person with a 9-5.

Attaining success requires a unique mental approach to the steps that must be taken to become someone worthy of status, power and most important, value. This mind set allows potentially successful people to persevere through the tumultuous journey ahead of them and the relentless obstacles that will stop at nothing to diminish their chances for victory.

Their mentality towards success is simply unbreakable and is constantly supplying them with reasons why they can do it, instead of what’s logical or probable. Below are 15 characteristics of the mind of a successful human being, someone who wants to do whatever is required of them to make a name for themselves and have a legacy to be remembered by future generations to come.

15. Use the 80/20 rule

Successful people have managed to devote 80% of their energy to the most important 20% of their activities. You are not superman and you can’t be everywhere at the same time and have a life that is satisfying in every aspect. You need to divide and conquer as well as be focused and work without any distractions. Trying to do everything at once will cost you 40% of your efficiency.

14.They discipline their mind and their thought process

Disciplining your mind to think in a positive light towards success is vital for accomplishing any goal. The human mind is automatically negative and lazy, so what you need to do is flip those thoughts around and turn them into positive and optimist pushes for your own triumph. Convince yourself that success makes sense and each day it will seem like more of a possibility.

13. They are open to new ideas and people

Successful people don’t just hang around people who have gotten nowhere in life. As the saying goes, “you are who you surround yourself with.” They are selective about who they spend their time with and make sure they are around people who actually challenge them and are only conducive to their hopes and dreams.

12. If they have an idea they follow through

“Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.” Everyone has ideas every single day but those who are successful decide to actually execute those ideas because they are confident in themselves and their ability to make their dreams a reality.

11. They don’t settle for the first thought that comes to mind

Thoughts and ideas need to be shaped and specified until they have enough substance to be brought to life. These people don’t just act sporadically when something good comes to mind. They first think it through and make sure the idea stands the test of clarity and questioning.

10. Smart people collaborate with other smart people

Thinking with others yields higher returns. It’s like giving yourself a shortcut. That’s why brainstorming sessions are so effective.

9. Reject popular thinking (which often means not thinking at all)

People tend to base their actions off popular thinking and what society has deemed as sensible. Successful people understand that what is acceptable to the masses is mostly pedestrian and that they need to think outside the box to really satisfy themselves.

They understand that they must feel comfortable with the uncomfortable and not settle with what at first seems most secure and less risky. These people think for themselves, even if no one they know agrees with them. If they believe in it, their own desire is enough for them to get started.

8. The best thinkers plan ahead, while leaving room for some spontaneity

When you decide to think with strategy, there is less of a margin for error. Simply having vague ideas of where you are and what you want to accomplish will get you nowhere.

The keys to being strategic: 1. Break the issue down. 2. Ask why the problem needs to be solved. 3. Identify the key issues. 4. Review your resources. 5. Put the right people in place. Henry Ford once said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into smaller parts.”

7. To think differently, do different things

Thinking differently requires taking different approaches to solving problems. To become more accustomed to thinking outside of the box, start engaging in activities that are more conducive to your knowledge of the world rather than your own comfort.

You need to break out of your normal day to day routine and open your mind up to new, intellectually stimulating experiences. This will help open your mind up to new ideas about how to live a more fruitful and valuable life.

6. To appreciate others’ ideas, you need to value other ideas

You can’t think you’re always right. Give other concepts a chance. It is always good to see where other people are coming from and what they plan on doing with their ideas so that you can apply the same concept and do it better.

5. Have an agenda — for the day, and when you meet with people

Life is not a blind date. If you become more and more prepared for what will be put in front of you, you have a much greater chance of controlling the outcome. Successful people use agendas for everything and understand what they need to get out of everything they engage in.

4. Reflective thinking gives you perspective and confidence in your decision-making skills

As Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” If you’re not reflecting on the direction your life is going, it’s holding you back more than you think. You need to be always reflecting on what’s happening to you and allowing your mind to constantly be thinking through the loops so it can solve problems more efficiently.

3. Get over negative self talk. Winners think in terms of “I will” and “I can”

Negative thinking will get you nowhere. Successful people don’t see limitations, they see possibilities. Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said could not be done. Those who say they can’t and those who say they can are both correct. It’s up to you to decide which belief is best for you.

2. Creative people are dedicated to ideas

They embrace ambiguity, don’t fear failure, and hang out with other creative people. They stand behind what they believe in and they know that they have the ability to create something worthy remembering. Always remember, we don’t live forever so the goal is to create something that will.

1. Naturally optimistic people find it hard to be realistic thinkers

Realistic thinking doesn’t bring anything special to you and successful people understand that. They see unrealistic thoughts as something that makes life exciting and allows them to work even harder just to push the boundaries as to what is realistic or logical.

Nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit to these people. Realistic thinkers will do the bare minimum and when you tell them to jump, they will simply jump. Successful people wont just jump, but they will find a way to jump higher than ever before.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember we can all change the way we think.

“Learning how to master the process of thinking in accordance to your own success leads you to valuable action and results. If you can develop the discipline of good thinking and turn it into a lifetime habit, then you will be successful and productive all of your life.”

Preston Waters | Elite. 

Preston Waters


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