The American Dream Is Bullshit

Preston Waters

Ever since a population of immigrants migrated to the America to escape socialism, religion or totalitarianism, the idea of the American dream has been something that was prized and revered by the whole world. The term was used to signify greatness, hope, an opened door to anyone willing to take the necessary steps to achieving wealth and power.

It promised a lifetime of happiness if you worked hard enough to make a name for yourself and bring honor to you and your family.

Right now, however, that term is bullshit. Its value is nothing but a bag of hot air, a cheap sell to anyone gullible enough to believe that professional wrestling is real. The truth is, the American dream is currently dead and has been dead for the past 10 years or so. The concept of the United States being known as the hard working land of opportunity is light years away from us.

This “great country of ours” has laid out a system for us to follow and has assured us that if we abide by these rules we will indeed have a fruitful life with minimal stress. Little did we know that those in charge of the inner workings of this system would ignore the up and coming generations they are supposed to help and instead let corruption drive their own country into the ground.

Innovation has provided the foundation for the growth of the U.S. economy since the beginning of the last century. It is what has pushed America ahead in retail, technology, medicine, and a host of other fields. However, over the last several years we have seen a decline in the American standard of living, and a loss of the economic power of the United States.

The glory the American dream had

When our parents and their parents immigrated to this country, they most likely intended on leaving the unbearable standard of living they were born into to start a new life without much in their pockets.  These people came here with their backs up against the walls and were promised a dollar and a dream. They took that dollar and a dream, worked their asses of and eventually became the model leaders and pioneers of today.

The American dream gave people a chance when they thought they would never get one. It allowed people to have the freedom to explore, take chances, be innovative and learn just how far dedicated labor can take you. For years, these values brought only prosperity to the American people.

A flawed system

What we are currently living in is a flawed system that doesn’t really have any promise or any possible predictions. The American dream didn’t die because of the American people but rather the system these people were enforced to live by.

When we were younger, we were always told that if we go to college and study hard and consequently build up a mountain of debt within the process, we will eventually be rewarded. This was the code put in place for us but it has brought little if anything in return.

The unemployment rate is higher than 10% and real unemployment is at about 20%.  53% of undergraduates who graduated college in 2011 are still unemployed. Following the rules clearly is not worth the trouble, it may in fact be a waste of time.

Young people all around the country are confused and stunned that it’s not working out for them as they once imagined when they were so naive in high school. Now they have debts to pay back to the government and their faith is hindering in the process, due to the fact that the college they put so much money into has had no effect on their income whatsoever.

The system actually slows us down instead of allowing us to excel because those in charge of the current system do not want their positions and ideals to be taken away by the youth. What was once the right way is now the wrong way to getting ahead in life.

Socialism is upon us

As much as many would hate to admit it, our country is slowly turning into a socialist nation. We fought wars to prevent this system from taking over but now it has slowly crept up into the government. The reason America always prospered was because it was a brutal dog eat dog world and capitalism reigned over everything. This country grew based off the fact that people worked their asses off to get to where they are and stopped at nothing to get there.

Opportunity was every where and whatever you wanted to be or where you wanted to excel could be achieved through the correct hard work. This established certain classes within our society. Starting with the upper class then the middle class and then the lower class. This class structure was the glue of this country that has since been destroyed.

The middle class is slowly beginning to fade away because of reforms, inflation and lack of available jobs. Without the middle class we are left with an upper class and a lower class just trying to erase each other’s burdens, leading only to war and deception.

Taxes will go up increasingly to help the lower end of this country because they are lazy and decided not to work as hard. Why would anyone want to work their ass off to have to give a sum of their money to people that didn’t do the same.  If you put higher taxes on the upper class, those who create jobs for the other classes, they will be less likely to hire new employees because they don’t have the money for it.

Instead of increasing taxes, they should be lowered so that money can be used for creating new jobs and not for the government to reciprocate it through its socialist reforms.

Concept of hard work is long gone

The concept of working hard and having the passion for your job is completely out of the window. We as a nation have become lazy because we think we are superior to everyone else. We think things are supposed to just be handed to us because we are entitled to have them. Hard work is what propelled this country and is what kept it strong. Now we  are content with just doing the bare minimum or even less.

63% of Americans said they did not think they would be able to maintain their current standard of living. Perhaps most troubling, Americans are strikingly fatalistic about their prospects. The can-do country is convinced that it can’t. They are convinced that they can’t because they have turned into pessimist due to their fractured point of view and non-productive habits.

Americans would rather sit there and complain or protest about how everything is going wrong like whining babies instead of waking up, grabbing their balls and making the correct changes in their lives. They are so obsessed with other peoples wealth that they forget to look at themselves in the mirror. There should be no reason why any American has the time to stand on line for days for the new iPhone 5 in the middle of the most gut wrenching recession.

What the current American dream brings

The current American dream brings a life of mediocrity unlike any other. It dawns upon the concept of working 9-5 the rest of your life and not even checking your emails or answering your phone after 501 because you are simply too good for that.

The American dream leaves you stuck in a daily routine and a prescription to xanax due to the balance on your mortgage and all the money you still owe the government. This is the life the older generations have brought to you because they were to obsessed with re-instating their own dominance rather than helping you reach your own.

You need to tell yourself fuck the American dream and start chasing what you want in life not what you are told to chase. It’s time to think outside the box ladies and gentlemen.


Preston Waters


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