Why It Is Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Have Girlfriends

Why It Is Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Have Girlfriends

This is the age of entrepreneurship. Working for someone else and slaving away at a company for 35 years only to receive a second hand rolex and maybe a pension — we’re not about that kind of life.

Generation-Y doesn’t want to take the easy way out. We’d rather make our stand in this world and build a legacy. We’d rather roll with the beautiful things than be high end pedestrians for the rest of our lives.

Becoming an entrepreneur is more than the roles it embodies: a leader, the boss, innovator and problem solver. It’s taking on a lifestyle. And it’s unlike any other lifestyle you have ever imagined, but it’s difficult to comprehend when you are on the outside looking in. It’s one of those things you can’t fathom outside of experience —  kind of like having a girl sit on your face.

This lifestyle is, of course, not an easy one. Continual efficacy in ventures to take over the world, might not be your average desk job. But it’s the common factor in the successful, modern entrepreneur. And the maintenance of unwavering focus and drive distinguishes the lucrative businessman from the rest. The entrepreneurial journey to prosperity is never simple, and it is marked with tests of acumen and intellect.

The thriving entrepreneur knows no boundaries. He is up all hours of the night, striving towards his goals and evolving constantly to meet the the flux of the business world. He flies out of town for meetings, even on the day of his Nana’s funeral, just to get the job done.

Success is sacrifice. We, as entrepreneurs, sacrifice their lives to achieve societal approval and favor. We forfeit the simple things over which the average man obsesses, until previously considered necessities go forgotten. Work is our wife, our girlfriend or our 5am booty call.

We give up weekends, sick days, long vacations and free time to focus on what the big picture is. We put it all on the line for the potentiality of success. It’s what great entrepreneurs before us, and after us, have done, and will do. From Bill Gates to Jay-Z. They gave it all up just to get to where they are in life right now.

Puff Daddy is an entrepreneur and a man who has turned nothing into something. He has demonstrated wild success over massive territories in business and entertainment. His only regret in life is never experiencing true love, but he acknowledges that the day he became an entrepreneur, he wilfully conceded the possibility. The man was right in every sense of the word.

When you become an entrepreneur you give up that Disney lovey-dovey bullshit. A girlfriend is nothing more than a distraction, especially at our young age. We’re too young to settle down. Why would we wife these girls up when the groupies are younger, tighter and hotter.

Lust distracts us from the path to success. Our vision is the key. We are married to our work because we love that bitch. We’re not multitaskers, to keep our drive focused, we have to lay off that consistent, needy pussy. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Women are attention whores. They hear you have money, and they flock to you.  They can’t understand that the entrepreneurial life comes first. You might have to cancel your dinner plans. You might forget an anniversary. Drop a ho, your priorities are straight.


In life you have to pick the roads that you want to take. If you want a girlfriend, the life of a pedestrian, and marriage, don’t be an entrepreneur.

A girlfriend is not a permanent fixture. She might walk out, or you might realize your options. The more success you attain, the hotter and easier the women around you become. Your company, business, vision, idea and dream will be with you forever, as long as you put the work in.

I can’t think of many men who have juggled both successfully. Sure Diddy has kids, but he still says he has never found love. Think back to the movie ‘The Social Network” when Eduardo comes back to New York and his crazy Asian girlfriend burned down his apartment. Because that’s just life as an entrepreneur with a girlfriend.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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