Miley Cyrus Plays With Flaming Lips, Smokes Joints And Gets Pelted With Bras (Video)

Doran Miller-Rosenberg

You didn’t know Miley Cyrus has that loud pack? Drop a bucket of ping pong balls from Lady Liberty’s crown, and I guarantee Miley’s bong makes a louder sound.

Miley likes to get high and Instagram it, because personal brand. Wayne Coyne, frontman for Flaming Lips, has been working with Miley in the studio, allegedly on a “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” cover. Coyne posted his own Miley diamonds photo to celebrate.

This is what they do in the studio:

Sick, bru. Are those papers available for sale? They are?!? Alright, alright, alright.

Coyne and Miley also did the damn thing in Tulsa, which is a city in Oklahoma. I looked it up, so now I know.

They played “Yoshimi” again, and were pelted with bras. Bangerz for life, yufeelme?

H/T: GlobalGrind, Images Courtesy: Instagram

Doran Miller-Rosenberg


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