Elite Interviews Lisa Panagos

Elite Interviews Lisa Panagos
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Mediterranean beauty Lisa Marie Panagos, an American–Greek actress and singer-songwriter, was awarded three awards at the prestigious 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards on November 15th at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood.

Lisa’s hit international dance single “Mind’s Eye” was produced by Mac Quayle and mixed at the world famous Studio 54. Not only has it made the Top 5 on the DJ charts, but it has also earned her “Music Video of the Year Award,” “Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year Award” and “Outstanding Debut Release” awards at the annual Los Angeles event, which showcases some of the best talent from around the world.

“I am so thrilled to be receiving three awards at this year’s LA Music Awards.” enthuses Lisa. “We will be performing ‘Mind’s Eye’ on the night fully choreographed which will be fun, and then it’s back to the studio for me to finish my new album which we are releasing early next year.”

During the course of her all-embracing acting, music and recording career, Lisa has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest producers, writers and arrangers including Mac Quayle (Beyoncé, Madonna), hit songwriter Alex Forbes, Ed Goldson (Jay-Z, Eve), Dave Bianco (Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty), Tommy James (Duke Ellington Orchestra) and Grammy Award winner Rob Chiarelli.

Lisa has also developed a catalogue of over 60 songs ranging from R&B to dance, all available for licensing for TV, films, commercials and new media. She has performed to audiences around the world with her original music, musical reviews and book shows making her a well-seasoned international writer and performer.

The 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards has an expected attendance of close to 1,200 guests along with some big name celebrity recipients gracing the media drenched red carpet. On the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards side of the program is a celebration of Film, Art, Music, and Entertainment.


Your father was a well-respected media mogul – how does your family take your career choice? Were they welcoming or adverse to your goals in life?

My parents gave me all the training necessary to succeed in this business. I don’t think they thought I would have such a huge passion for the arts. They were always very supportive but it was difficult for them to let me go to NYC at a young age to pursue my dreams. They knew it may be a challenging but rewarding path to follow. I was determined and would not take no for an answer. I wanted to pursue my dreams no matter what the cost. They supported my decision to go to NYC but like most parents were protective and didn’t want their child hurt. It all worked out!

Was singing and performing on stage a childhood passion or a young adult career choice?


Singing and performing was always a childhood passion of mine for sure. I loved the camera at a very young age and loved being creative and entertaining people. I would mimic voices from various TV shows and put on shows for family and friends that included gymnastics, singing, tap dancing, you name it. Whatever was fun for me that day!

Have you taken any training or classes for your craft? If so what kind of training have you had to support your career?

Yes, I have trained in all areas of the performing arts because it was important to me to become a well-rounded entertainer. I studied dance at the Washington School of Ballet with Mary Day and also at the Potomac Dance Centre with Liliana Andreu. I studied voice in New York City with famed vocal coach Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga), Carlo Menotti (Laura Brannigan), Barry Levitt and Rona Leslie, and I also have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Acting, Music and Dance from Syracuse University to name a few. I think it is so important to train in your field to be the best that you can be, and then continue to learn and train even once you have achieved success. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, so you need to adapt and evolve with it.

What do you enjoy most? Broadway musicals or making hit records?

I love performing live on stage in front of an audience. Performing 8 shows a week on Broadway to brand new audiences for the run of a show is invigorating and completely different from the recording process. I have to admit that I really love the intimacy of the recording studio. I try to create a vibe that people will enjoy and a finished product that has the potential to become a hit record. It’s so hard to compare live performing with being in the recording studio. I love them both!

Who have you enjoyed working with in the studio most so far? Can you name anyone in particular?


During the course of my recording career I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the music industry’s biggest producers, re-mixers, writers and arrangers including Mac Quayle (Beyoncé, Madonna), Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Janet Jackson. Will Smith), hit songwriter Alex  Forbes(Taylor Dane), Ed Goldson (Jay Z, Eve), Dave Bianco (Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty) and Tommy James (Duke Ellington Orchestra, Urtha Kitt).

I can’t say I have a particular favorite as everyone is so talented and amazing.

What style and genre of music do you love the most?

I love all styles of music but if I had to choose I would say soulful, sultry R&B/Pop crossover. Actually anything with a great groove!

Congratulations on your latest awards. Are you excited to have received 3 awards at the Los Angeles Music Awards 2012 and 1 nomination at the Artist in Music Awards 2013? Can you tell us a little about how these new wins make you feel?

I am so thrilled to have been given 3 prestigious awards at the LA Music Awards. It was such a surprise and honor. I was really overwhelmed! I am so grateful for being recognized for my work and it has given me incentive to create more music that people can enjoy and set more goals for my career. I am so thankful to the LA Music Awards for this opportunity. I’m also very excited to have a nomination for the AIM awards for 2013! I feel so fulfilled as an artist and thankful for all of the people that supported me at this event such as my sponsor Car Charging Inc., Joe Salvani, friends and fans from around the globe. It has just made me hungry for more!

What’s next for you in the music industry? Are you currently working with anyone in particular?

I’m busy working in the studio on my new album with Rob Chiarelli and also writing for a few high profile bands and artists. Over the years I have developed a catalogue of over 60 songs and tracks ranging from R&B to dance all available for licensing for TV, films, commercials and new media, so I am often asked to write for other musicians.

We always like to ask about the life of a celebrity, so what is the oddest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

That’s funny. I think ask if I wanted a piggy back ride down the stairs.

What are your goals as a singer and performer? Put another way, what would be your definition of success as a singer?

That’s a tough question since I’m always challenging myself and setting new goals. Of course I would love to win a Grammy and have a song be a part of a hit soundtrack for a movie. Basically writing hit songs, winning awards, performing with celebrities at great venues and maybe even back to Broadway if the right role came my way!

If you would like to hear more about Lisa visit  www.LisaPanagos.com

Aidan Sakiri | Elite.

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