Press Play: DJ Vice [Video]

Press Play: DJ Vice [Video]

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DJ Vice is well established as an industry veteran, currently approaching his 20-year mark as a DJ. Born and raised in LA, he first discovered his knack for the turntables when he first began spinning records at the age of 12. DJ Vice first burst on the scene in 1998, when he played hip-hop records on LA’s Power 106 for a listenership of 1.6 million.

Vice likes to consider himself a very versatile DJ; he’s capable of playing any sort of event—from weddings, to house parties, to high school dances and radio gigs. He also displays his versatility in terms of music choice, drawing tracks from artists like Blondie and Depeche Mode, The Cure and Morrissey, and hip-hop and house music artists.

He likes to mix these types of artists along with newer music into his sets, a rather unusual change for the current world of club DJ-ing, which is becoming rather redundant and repetitive over time. “I’ve always been a multi-genre DJ,” he says. “I’ve always been a music lover. A lot of DJ’s stick to one format. I’ve never been that DJ. Ever since I’ve started I’ve always played all types of music… My set has something for anybody and everybody.”

In this new exclusive interview we were fortunate enough to sit down with Vice to gather his sentiments on a few pressing issues and also get insight on Vice as a DJ and personally.

Steve | Elite. 

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