The 16 Life Lessons Juicy J Taught Us With His Latest Masterpiece, ‘Stay Trippy’

The 16 Life Lessons Juicy J Taught Us With His Latest Masterpiece, ‘Stay Trippy’
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Juicy J has done it again! The hardest-working man in the game extends a hot streak of releases in his third solo project and Taylor Gang debut, Stay Trippy.

Jordan Michael Houston (Juicy J’s government name) is one of the savviest businessmen in hip hop who, through strategic alliances and consistently producing quality material, has rejuvenated his career and outlasted some of the biggest names of his time. Having been in the game for over two decades, Juicy has solidified his status as one of the all time greats. Straight up!

Having said that, Stay Trippy is without a doubt the most ratchet album you’ll hear this year. Highlighting a ton of strip club anthems and a bunch of records for the ladies to twerk to, this project should only be played at a very high volume, accompanied by two things: some loud and some girls to make it clap for that scholarship money.

We decided to give Still Trippy a full listen (with no interruptions or breaks) and bless readers with an in-depth look at his latest masterpiece, breaking it down track by track.

And while the album doesn’t officially drop until the 27th (next Tuesday), you can stream the project for free on Juicy’s site here: official stream. However, to stream the album, you must first play a quick game, which pins you as Juicy J himself in a strip club, throwing racks for tracks — genius.

But just like Juicy, there is always more than meets the eye. This album represents his everlasting success and burning desire to keep striving. There are a handful of life lessons we can take away from the album and apply to our daily lives.

To be one of the top dogs – year in and year out – is no easy feat, and thanks to the man himself, we now know how to get there — and how to stunt in the end. These are the 16 life lessons Juicy J taught us in Stay Trippy.

Track #1: “Stop It”

The opening track to the album starts off with Juicy straight up saying,

“Make money, no vacation”

This line is a testament to the hard work and dedication that has separated Juicy from the competition over the years. While others may take days off to relax, it’s vital to always stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the grind; otherwise, you’ll end up falling off. The biggest difference between the people who stay relevant for one year and those who are around for 20 is the amount of hours they put into perfecting their craft. Once you get to the top, never forget to remind those who hated on the way that they ain’t sh*t.

“I make money all day then I ball with the profits”

“Niggas hate on me, I tell em hatin’ niggas stop it”

Track #2: “Smokin’ Rollin” (featuring Pimp C)

Even though you’re working, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Marley break from time to time. Enjoy all of your vices and do you — just remember to get your sh*t done.

“Where the hell is we headed, I don’t know but I’m high”

Trust your instincts and keep moving forward with whatever you’re doing. Don’t let any outside distractions affect you, and keep striving …even when you’re mad smacked.

“Livin’ like a rockstar, I’ve never been sober bruh”

Track #3: “No Heart No Love” (featuring Project Pat)

“You do wrong, wrong will follow”

There’s probably no words realer than these on the album. Juicy J shows no mercy in these streets, and sometimes, that’s just how it has to be. When it comes to business, you can’t f*ck around. It’s all about money and respect, so when someone crosses you, let them know that it’s unacceptable and should never happen again. Karma is a real b*tch, yo.

Track #4: “So Much Money”

There’s only one concrete message in this song: get money, until you have too much money. But then again, how much is too much? Just when you think you’ve made it, keep grinding and expand your empire.

“I’m countin’ so much money, dollar signs all I see”

“I might go buy me an island and fly your bitch to my D”

Track #5: “Bounce It” (featuring Wale & Trey Songz)

There’s plenty of room for b*tches in Juicy’s life, but not for a relationship. Juicy is about his business and certainly isn’t looking to slow down his hustle and be tied down, but rather, to get ig’nant with someone’s daughter while stacking his bread.

Money over b*tches. But you already knew that, right?

“She wanna be my main chick, I was thinking different (different)”

“Clap that ass, light our blunt, baby, let’s get ig’nant (ig’nant)”

Track #6: “Wax”

Juicy J is the perfect example of someone who lives their life in the “fast lane.” Twenty years into the game, Juicy is still killing it and enjoying every second of his lavish lifestyle. No f*cks given. The lesson we took from this record is to never slow down your hustle, live everyday as though it’s your last, and stay high!

“We party like we college kids, got more money than a powerball”

“Bitch I live that fast life every day in ten speed”

“Look up in the sky, is that a plane, no it’s just me”

Track #7: “Gun Plus A Mask” (featuring Yelawolf)

Everyone knows “nice guys finish last”, and it could not be more of a factual statement in the hip hop industry. This is why, sometimes, you must do WHATEVER it is you need to do in order to succeed.

“A gun plus a mask, you do the math”

“All my goons know, that equals cash”

Look, we’re surely not translating that as ‘go out and shoot someone’, but get your money… by any means.

Track #8: “Smoke A Nigga” (featuring Wiz Khalifa)

Confidence is key. Juicy J doesn’t only think he’s the best; he KNOWS he’s the best. “You think you hot as me, hold on, you must be smokin’ nigga.”

“This OG Kush, what I’m smokin’ nigga,

Put the 5 to a hater, and smoke a nigga,

I pull them whips out, and I’m smokin’ nigga,

You think you hot as me, hold on, you must be smokin’ nigga”

I mean, hey, even if you’re not, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. 

Track #9: “Show Out” (featuring Young Jeezy & Big Sean)

Whether it’s to impress a couple ratchet heauxs or to make your haters bitter, sometimes, you just have to flex.

“Every time I go out, you know I gotta show out”

Track #10: “The Woods” (featuring Justin Timberlake)

Ride or die chicks are essential. We all need that. Just don’t look into her eyes when you nut!

“And she a lady off in the streets,
But a beast when we’re in the sheets”

Track #11: “Money A Do It”

Money is everything. With more opportunities, though, come more fake people. Watch out for the snakes.

“I see ya got some haters, yeah a money do it,
Shawty do some strands for some change, yeah a money do it,
If I want a nigga dead, yeah a money do it,
If I want it I’mma get it, I got money to do it”

Track #12: “Talkin’ Bout” (featuring Wiz Khalifa & Chris Brown)

Straight up, f*ck the haters. Real recognizes real – that’s how it has been and will always be.

“They talkin shit but they hidin out,
Real niggas know what I’m talkin bout”

Track #13: “All I Blow Is Loud”

It’s good to be cool with everyone, but don’t let your guard down. Any sign of disrespect warrants a pimp slap cuh!

“I got love for everybody, who give a fuck how you feel though”

Track #14: “Bandz A Make Her Dance”

Juicy J doesn’t have to spit game to the heauxs, but when you have the racks, you don’t have to. Dollas make that pussy wet. It’s science.

“Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
All these chicks popping pussies, I’m just popping bands”

Track #15: “Scholarship” (featuring A$AP Rocky)

Straight up, Juicy J can change a b*tch’s life. And while he may not be looking to put a ring on your finger, if your performance exceeds his expectations, you may just find yourself receiving a free college education. First you get the money …then you get the power. Feel me?

“You a college chick, you a college chick”

“Keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship”

Track #16: “If I Ain’t”

If you had to choose between a ratchet Latina fresh off Queens Blvd. or a Swedish model with a black card, which would you pick? Exactly. When it comes to his vices, Juicy doesn’t settle for that whack sh*t, making it quite clear on this record’s hook:

“If it ain’t kush, it won’t touch my lighter

I only smoke that shit that get me higher (and higher, and higher, higher)

If it ain’t drank, it ain’t in my cup

Gotta be that purple and yellow, I be turnin’ up”

Lesson learned: never settle. Time is too precious to not be made the most of.

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