The Most Disrespectful Bars From Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’

The Most Disrespectful Bars From Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’
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Last week, Jay-Z successfully enforced his #NewRules and shut down the internet with the release of his twelfth studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, through his Samsung powered #MagnaCartaApp. The album, which officially drops both digitally and physically today (July 9), is currently the central focus of the hip hop blogosphere and one of the highest trending topics across all social media platforms.

But then again, how could it not be? Since the release of his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, in 1996, Hov has established himself as one of the greatest emcees ever to step in the booth, appealing to both the newer and older generations, and pummeling his competition.

Adapt and React. That is exactly what Hov has always done, and it is what keeps him relevant in an ever-changing industry. Not to mention the massive success and recognition he’s received as an entrepreneur and philanthropist!

Haven’t heard the album yet? Perfect. Below we’ve outlined for you some of the most disrespectful bars from each of the 16 records featured on Jay’s latest body of work.

Ch-ch-check it out & don’t forget to pre-order a copy of Magna Carta (here) if you have yet to do so.

1. “Holy Grail”

This fame hurt but this chain works // I think back you asked the same person
If this is all you had to deal with // Nigga deal with, this shit ain’t work // This light work

The struggles and problems that fame brings can drive a sane man mad, but compared to what he dealt with in his early life, Hov recognizes that this sh*t ain’t work…it’s light work. 

2. “Picasso Baby”

Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa // The modern day version
With better features // Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner
Go ahead lean on that shit Blue // You own it

Not only can Hov say he’s married to the modern day Mona Lisa (Beyoncé), he also has no problem letting his newly born daughter f*ck with one of his rare Basquiat pieces.

3. “Tom Ford”

Fuck hashtags and retweets, nigga // 140 characters in these streets, nigga
Pardon my laughing, y’all only flagging on beats, nigga // Pardon my laughing, I happen to think you sweet

While you Tweet it, Hov lives it. The G.O.A.T. has no time for social media, he’s a business maaaan!

4. “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIT”

Hov keep gettin’ that dinero, got it // Even if a nigga gotta Robert, get it?

Simply put: At 42, Hov will still body you and run your pockets. Metaphorically, that is…

5. “Oceans”

Dope boy still smelling like cocaina // White boat, white robe
Can he be more cleaner//

Despite having separated himself from the coke game, it will always be a part of who Jay-Z is.

6. “F.U.T.W.”

You know I’m gon shine like a trillion watts // You know a nigga trill as Michael Jackson socks
Sendin’ light out to Compton and the hundred blocks // Lil bastard boy, basking on top

Jay may have been a bastard child from the block , but now he’s basking on top. Who’s laughing now?

7. “Somewhereinamerica”

Might crash ya Internet // And I ain’t even into that

While he chooses to lay low with social media, Hov could very easily shut down the net and flood your newsfeed just like THAT!

8. “Crown”

Bitch asked if I was God // Fuck I’m supposed to say no?

Seriously though, how the fuck is he supposed to say no? Sheesh.

9. “Heaven”

Live among the serpents // Turn arenas into churches
I’m like Michael, recycle, these are not 16s // These are verses from the Bible

Jay’s doing much more than rapping, he’s preaching.

10. “Versus”

Your last shit ain’t better // Than my first shit
Your best shit // Ain’t better than my worst shit

You ain’t sh*t. Basically.

11. “Part II (On The Run)”

My baby momma harder than a lot of you niggas

Not only does Hov outwork/out-rap most artists, he’s positive his baby momma (Beyoncé) is harder than a lot of so called “gangsters” in the game. Disrespectful.

12. “Beach Is Better”

I brought sand to the beach // Cause my beach is better
You can keep ya beach // Cause that beach whatever

I would bring sand to the beach as well… if it were Beyoncé. Must be nice…

13. “BBC”

What you know about going out, head west // Maybach, 3 TVs all up in the headrest
Mase niggas at Madison Square Garden // 20 million sold and we still catching charges

Hov does whatever he wants to do. One example… having R Kelly mased at the Garden. Sucka’!

14. “Jay Z Blue”

I seen my mom and pop drive each other motherfuckin’ crazy // And I got that nigga blood in me
I got his ego and his temper // All is missing is the drugs in me

Jay may have inherited his father’s ego and temper, but certainly not his addictions.

15. “La Familia”

Niggas wanna kidnap wifey // Good luck with that bruh
You must gonna hide your whole family // What you think we wearing black for

He may not “shoot your daughter in the calf muscle,” but messing with Jay’s family will bring consequences you’re not prepared to face.

16. “Nickels and Dimes”

Y’all not worthy, sometimes I feel like // Y’all don’t deserve me, my flow unearthly

Nearly 2 decades deep in the game, Hov feels like we don’t deserve him. Okay, Kanye.

Bonus: “Open Letter”

Balling ’til they ban us // You getting too much bread, they try to jam you

When you’re as successful as Hov, people are always going to try and slow your roll.

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