Your Favorite DJs Before They Made You Rage

Your Favorite DJs Before They Made You Rage
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It is safe to say that DJs are the modern day rock stars of our world. Over the course of the past few years the EDM scene has really taken off and taken over every other genre of music. It has been dominating both sides of the world which is quite a task within itself. The rave culture has taken over and between all the molly and bass it is quite hard to distinguish who is actually a good DJ, who simply presses buttons on their laptops, and who simply thrives on their marketing scheme like throwing cake at their crowd (sorry Aoki).

But there are those DJs who are actually talented and have a way of entertaining the crowd unlike any other. These DJs who we admire and love unlike any other musician, were one day just regular, young, and foolish people like us. Without further ado, here at your favorite DJs before they were making you jump up and down, fist pump and pop molly like its a vitamin.



This is Yasmine and Jahan before their hit single. It seems like they were trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible during their younger days.



It is safe to say that Mim and Liv Nervo are the hottest female DJs in the music scene and the best part about it is that they are twins. It seems as if the blue eyes and the Blondie hair is not just a marketing ploy, but rather something they have both had for a long time; even back then they look identical. From gracing the cover of Cover Girl to their edgy and bad ass personas, these sisters have proved that two are definitely better than one.

Sebastian Ingrosso


It seems like young Sebastian was a raver back in the day as well. Here is a photo of him playing the air chello at a very young age. Maybe it was at this very moment where the great beats of Swedish House Mafia were first showcased to the world.

Daft Punk


The legends of dance music have decided to bless our ears with yet another album, but before all the glitz and glamor, Daft Punk had gone through their humble beginnings as well. The duo pictured above have clearly been doing this for a long time and have managed to become the legends of the industry with their passion for sound and bringing back the disco feel.

Armin Van Buuren 


The king of trance was once the baby of trance. This is Armin as an infant before he become the number 1 DJ in the world, according to DJ mag last year. From what looks like the beta version of Beats by Dr. Dre, we are glad that his parents got him into music at a very early age, which has resulted in him putting us in a state of trance.



This photo is the epitome of Bassnectar!

Calvin Harris


Not only did he find love in a hopeless place, but he also managed to find his style and his look. Calvin just passed Michael Jackson’s album record and is showing no signs of slowing down as he is one of the hottest DJs in the game right now. Weirdly enough his t-shirt in the photo above has what looks like Deadmau5 on it. If it were either becoming a DJ or a McLovin stunt double, were sure glad he took the musical route.



These photos of Skrillex were taken a very long time ago and it is safe to assume that this man hasn’t showered since then. We didn’t think it would be possible but he looks weirder back then than he does now. The best part of is that this is how the perfect Skrillex fan would look like. What the hell does Ellie Goulding see in him that we don’t?!

David Guetta 


The man, the myth, the legend. David Guetta has been at the game for years, even back when it was cool for DJs to resemble Justin Bieber. He is the man that bridged the musical gap between America and Europe. It is safe to say that David Guetta is a huge factor as to why EDM is relevant nowadays.

Chromeo & A-Trak


You are who you surround yourself with and it seems like A-Trak and Chromeo realized this from a very young age. The two have been friends for ages and have known each other for a very long time. It’s extremely rare to see two friends become superstars in the same respective industries, but these two have exceeded all expectations.

Laidback Luke


This photo taken back in 1997 shows Laidback Luke looking exactly the same as he does now. This may even be him visiting the beta version of Tomorrowland years before it even held this name. He definitely seems to be enjoying himself a lot more than the man sick on his right.



Deadmau5 was weird back then and he is still weird now. It seems as if he is holding up a stuffed pikachu backpack which was very rare back then. However, this is not the weirdest thing about this photo, the fact that he has perfectly gelled Blondie spikes resembling those of Pauly D has us even more concerned. Also please take a look at the yellow chain that he is donning.

Porter Robinson


Myspace meet Porter Robinson, Porter meet Myspace. Do you know how much effort you had to go through back then to take a selfie? It is safe to say that he was from the Myspace era.

Avicii and Otto Knows


Who would have thought the two actually knew each other from their rugrat days? Avicii still looks the same as he does in the photograph. Whereas he looks like quite the daredevil, Otto Knows seems to resemble the teacher’s pet.

Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten


It is safe to say that the pioneers of the EDM scene have been doing this for quite a while!

Carl Cox


It’s quite difficult to find a baby photo of Carl Cox since he is over 50 years old, but this is one of the earliest photos we could dig up. As you can see back then he had a lot more hair on his head, but one thing remains the same, the Michael Straham gap between his teeth. You’re a true legend Mr. Cox!

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