The 100 Highest Grossing Clubs In America

The 100 Highest Grossing Clubs In America
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Food industry consulting firm Technomic has constructed a list of highest grossing night clubs in the country.

While California has the most clubs on the list, Las Vegas is easily the most profitable club center in America with 8 out of their 22 clubs in the top 10.

Have you been to any of the most popular and successful clubs featured here?

#1: Marquee – Las Vegas, NV $70-80 MM
#2: XS Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $60-70 MM
#3: TAO Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $60-70 MM
#4: Pure Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $45-60 MM
#5: LIV – Miami Beach, FL $35-45 MM
#6: LAX Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $35-45 MM
#7: HAZE Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $35-45 Million
#8: Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $35-45 Million
#9: The Bank Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $25-35 Million
#10: LAVO Nightclub – New York, NY $25-35 Million
#11: The Pool After Dark – Atlantic City, NJ $25-35 Million
#12: LAVO – Las Vegas, NV $25-35 Million
#13: Tryst Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $25-35 Million
#14: Mango’s Tropical Cafe – Miami Beach, FL $25-35 Million
#15: Seacrets – Ocean City, MD $15-25 Million
#16: Avalon Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA $15-25 Million
#17: Pacha New York – New York, NY $15-25 Million
#18: Sevilla Nightclub – Long Beach, CA $15-25 Million
#19: Vanity Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $15-25 Million
#20: ghOstbar – Las Vegas, NV $15-25 Million
#21: Drai’s Afterhours – Las Vegas, NV $15-25 Million
#22: Clevelander – Miami Beach, FL $15-25 Million
#23: MOON Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $10-15 Million
#24: FLUXX – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#25: Billy Bob’s Texas – Fort Worth, TX $10-15 Million
#26: Mansion – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million
#27: Masquerade – New Orleans, LA $10-15 Million
#28: 207 – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#29: ROOF – Chicago, IL $10-15 Million
#30: The Gold Lounge – Las Vegas, NV $10-15 Million
#31: Shrine Asian Kitchen Lounge – Mashantucket, CT $10-15 Million
#32: SET Nightclub – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million
#33: Stingaree – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#34: AJ’s club bimini – Destin, FL $10-15 Million
#35: Playboy Club – Las Vegas, NV $10-15 Million
#36: Float – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#37: Opera Nightclub – Atlanta, GA $10-15 Million
#38: Drai’s Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA $10-15 Million
#39: Kilroy’s Sports Bar – Bloomington, IN $10-15 Million
#40: Vision – Chicago, IL $10-15 Million
#41: The Colony – Los Angeles, CA $10-15 Million
#42: Rain Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $10-15 Million
#43: Ivy – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#44: P.O.V – Washington, DC $10-15 Million
#45: 1Oak NYC – New York, NY $10-15 Million
#46: The Chandelier – Las Vegas, NV $10-15 Million
#47: Plush – Dallas, TX $10-15 Million
#48: Public House – Chicago, IL $10-15 Million
#49: Playhouse Nightclub – Los Angeles, CA $10-15 Million
#50: Bar Anticipation – Lake Como, NJ $10-15 Million
#51: Webster Hall – New York, NY $10-15 Million
#52: Avenue – New York, NY $10-15 Million
#53: The Park Lounge – Sacramento, CA $10-15 Million
#54: Wall – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million
#55: Sutra OC – Costa Mesa, CA $10-15 Million
#56: Altitude Sky lounge – San Diego, CA $10-15 Million
#57: 1015 Folsom – San Francisco, CA $10-15 Million
#58: Marquee NY – New York, NY $5-10 Million
#59: Studio 54 – Las Vegas, NV $5-10 Million
#60: Krave Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV $5-10 Million
#61: The Highlands Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA $5-10 Million
#62: tenjune – New York, NY $5-10 Million
#63: LOVE – Washington, DC $5-10 Million
#64: Ecco Ultra Lounge – Los Angeles, CA $5-10 Million
#65: Space Miami – Miami, FL $5-10 Million
#66: Passion Nightclub – Hollywood, FL $5-10 Million
#67: Stoney’s Rockin’ Country – Las Vegas, NV $5-10 Million
#68: Cameo – Miami Beach, FL $5-10 Million
#69: Element – New York, NY $5-10 Million
#70: Club 152 – Memphis, TN $5-10 Million
#71: Tengo Sed Cantina – Kansas City, MO $5-10 Million
#72: Excalibur – Chicago, IL $5-10 Million
#73: Vanguard – Los Angeles, CA $5-10 Million
#74: Dusk – Atlantic City, NJ $5-10 Million
#75: G Lounge – New York, NY $5-10 Million
#76: Glass Cactus Nightclub – Grapevine, TX $5-10 Million
#77: Axis Radius – Scottsdale, AZ $5-10 Million
#78: Gryphon – Hollywood, FL $5-10 Million
#79: Havana Club – Atlanta, GA $5-10 Million
#80: Heat Ultra Lounge – Anaheim, CA $5-10 Million
#81: Lagasse’s Stadium – Las Vegas, NV $5-10 Million
#82: Baja Sharkeez Hermosa Beach – Hermosa Beach, CA $5-10 Million
#83: Sandbar Tequila Bar – Santa Barbara, CA $5-10 Million
#84: Shade Lounge – Scottsdale, AZ $5-10 Million
#85: The Park at Fourteenth – Washington, DC $5-10 Million
#86: Panama Joe’s – Long Beach, CA $5-10 Million
#87: Seville Quarter – Pensacola, FL $5-10 Million
#88: Temple Nightclub – San Francisco, CA $5-10 Million
#89: MIXX – Atlantic City, NJ $5-10 Million
#90: Drink Houston – Houston, TX $5-10 Million
#91: The Happy Ending Bar and Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA $5-10 Million
#92: Dream Nightclub – Miami Beach, FL $5-10 Million
#93: Grizzly Rose – Denver, CO $5-10 Million
#94: Celebrations Nitelife – Myrtle Beach, SC $5-10 Million
#95: Bull & Bear – Chicago, IL $5-10 Million
#96: Sloppy Joe’s – Key West, FL $5-10 Million
#97: Whiskey Girl – San Diego, CA $5-10 Million
#98: Ten Nightclub – Newport Beach, CA $5-10 Million
#99: Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden – Astoria, NY $5-10 Million
#100: Cotton Eyed Joe – Knoxville, TN $5-10 Million

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