Apple Not Doing So Well

Paul Hudson

It seems that the fears of many may finally be coming to fruition. The death of Steve Jobs may have left Apple lost and confused. Currently, the Apple stock is down to $576 a share after peaking in September above $700 a share.

Also, trends show that iPhone users are also on the decline and Android users are on the rise (only 15% of smartphone users use iPhones while 75% use Androids).

Other events that ought to be flagged are the sudden booting of Scot Forstall, the creator of iOS and a former “CEO-in-waiting” and the firing of a new retail boss that was hired 6 months ago.

It seems like Apple may be cleaning house and trying to figure out how to get back on track. If firing all the long time staff members only to replace them with fresh blood is a good idea is debatable, but only time will tell.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

Paul Hudson

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