Mom Kills 8-Year-Old Son After He ‘Catches Her Having Sex With His Grandpa’

An Italian mother was sentenced this week to 30 years in jail after being charged with the 2014 murder of her own son.

The motive? Well, that turned out to be more bizarre than the actual crime, if we are to believe the mother’s claims.

According to MailOnline, the woman, Veronica Panarello, accused her father-in-law of helping her carry out the killing of 8-year-old Loris Stival because the boy had caught the pair having an affair.

Veronica Panarello arrested by police

Rai News

If the woman’s accusation against her father-in-law, Andrea Stival, is true, it would mean she had a sexual relationship with the grandfather of the child she killed.

Panarello’s claims, however, appear to have been widely discredited by many people with knowledge of the case, including Roberta Bruzzone, a notable Italian criminologist and television personality.

And indeed, the lack of credit to her claim seems to have led to her receiving another charge: slander against the grandfather.

Loris Stival Italian child murdered by mother

Rai News

Even without the added scandal of an affair, though, the details of the younger Stival’s murder are difficult to digest.

On Tuesday, Panarello was reportedly in tears as Judge Andrea Reale read the sentence given to her for strangling her son.

Her instrument of choice? A plastic band, which she used to choke the boy before she left his body on a remote piece of land in the town of Santa Croce, Italian outlet Rai News reports.

Footage from the Italian broadcaster shows what seems to be a makeshift memorial left at the apparent site Stival’s dead body was abandoned.

Site where body of Loris Stival was left to die

Rai News

The case dates back to November 2014, when Panarello reportedly claimed that her son was missing after she dropped him off to school. Eventually, however, surveillance footage revealed that the woman didn’t bring the 8-year-old to class on the day he went missing.

Now, an Italian court seems to have come to a conclusion regarding what happened: Affair with the grandfather or not, Veronica Panarello killed her own son.

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