This Robotic Walking Suit Will Allow A Paraplegic To Make The Opening Kick At The World Cup

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To finally get out of the wheelchair and just walk is probably every paralyzed person’s dream.

Now, due to some amazing advances in technology, that dream is all the closer to becoming a reality — and might even come to fruition at this year’s World Cup in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

A paralyzed Brazilian citizen will walk onto the soccer field this June wearing an exoskeleton walking suit specially designed to help the individual complete the tournament’s ceremonial first kick.

All this has been made possible by Duke University professor Miguel Nicolelis, who is leading a multi-university and multi-national research endeavor to build this invention.

“All of the innovations we’re putting together for this exoskeleton have in mind the goal of transforming it into something that can be used by patients who suffer from a variety of diseases and injuries that cause paralysis.”

The walking suit works through an electrode cap that captures the user’s brain waves and translates those signals into physical movements. This gives the person who is wearing the suit the ability to control and initiate their movements.

via Mashable, Photo Courtesy: Facebook

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