News Anchor Accidentally Commands People To ‘Check Their Panties’ On Live TV

We all make mistakes, right? Some, thankfully, are just more visible than others.

A Richmond, Virginia news anchor made a very visible mistake when he accidentally told NBC12’s viewers to “check your panties” on live television.

I’m sure Eric Philips is a good dude, but for a brief moment, he undoubtedly made Richmond, VA residents lose their damn minds.

Screenshot of Richmond, Virginia news anchor Eric Philips about to accidentally tell everyone to "check your panties" on live television.


As you can see and hear in the video below, Philips addressed the network’s viewers Wednesday morning like it was any other day, but then, he accidentally told everyone to “check your panties.”

With a completely straight face, the news anchor said,

Check your panties. About 175,000 rice… Uh, I think that was supposed to be pantries.

Yup, I think you’re right, Eric. It’s easy to confuse panties and pantries, no doubt about it.

You can tell as soon as this anchor made the fail, he immediately knew it was a terrible mistake. Following his error, everyone on the set erupted into laughter, including Philips himself.

You can hear his co-anchor cracking up while saying,

I couldn’t warn you before I saw it… I couldn’t warn you, Eric.

Damn, why couldn’t you warn him? Who set Eric up?

To his credit, Eric Philips kept on doing the news like a champion, saying,

About 175,000 rice and smoke cookers are being recalled due to fire and electric shock hazards.

But folks on the set of NBC12 news couldn’t stop laughing. One of Philips’ other colleagues even came on set and made him say “hello” to the internet because, well, you’re internet famous now, my man.

Screenshot of Richmond, Virginia news anchor Eric Philips and two co-workers laughing hysterically after he accidentally told everyone to "check your panties" on live television.


What, like you’ve never made a mistake in your life? Sure, you probably don’t have thousands of viewers who hang on to your every word, but hey, that’s not Eric’s fault.

Give this guys a break, will ya? Philips just provided us with the viral video of the month, maybe even the next few months if it’s a slow holiday season.

Excuse me while I go watch this video on loop.

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