Breaking News: Manhattan Is Under Water [PHOTOS]

Breaking News: Manhattan Is Under Water [PHOTOS]
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New York City is unrecognizable right now due to Hurricane Sandy, as many famous areas are submerged in water, while others are completely dark.

The Financial District is completely absent of light, other than the Freedom Tower, as buildings have been evacuated, while others shut down the power.

Public Housing buildings all over the city have shut elevators down and locked doors. People inside have to stay inside and people outside have to stay outside.

The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is flooded with four feet of water, and it appears it will take weeks to clear out.

Ground Zero at the World Trade Center has numerous waterfalls as water from the Hudson is pouring in, while many subway tunnels are being infiltrated by rivers of saltwater, which are doing tremendous damage to the system.

Low-lying neighborhoods like the Rockaways and Coney Island have had mandatory evacuations in place, but many residents refused to leave. Now, they are submerged under a dozen feet of water, and there is no way for emergency responders to help the residents still there.

In addition, a four-story apartment building on 14th St. and 8th Ave. has lost its entire façade, which came crashing down on an SUV parked in front.

The FDR Drive is also completely submerged, with water touching overpasses in some areas.

This is an unprecedented situation in New York City’s history, and while authorities are doing their best to handle it, it is truly a storm of magnitude that the city has not seen before, and is nearly impossible to handle.

We will keep you updated as we receive more images, videos and details. Be sure to check Elite Daily for all of your Hurricane Sandy updates, as we are on scene and getting information first-hand other media outlets cannot give you.

The FDR Drive

The Path Station floods

Ground Zero turns into Niagara Falls

Seawater is flooding into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

22nd Street and 10th Ave.

14th Street and Avenue C

Lower East Side

8th Avenue

Battery Park

Parking lot gets flooded

Downtown, New York City

Goldman Sachs building flooded

Civilians trying to swim to safety in the L.E.S.

Midtown, New York

1st Avenue, New York City

Lower East Side, New York

Midtown, New York

Long Island City, New York

A Bentley under water.

South Street Seaport, Downtown

A taxi off duty

FDNY walking the street of New York looking for those trapped.

The city that never sleeps is actually asleep.

NYU hospital

Jane's Carousel, Brooklyn

Coney Island under water

Lower East Side, New York

86th street subway station

Upper East Side, New York

Stone Street, Downtown New York

Hoboken, New Jersey

6 alarm fire destroys 50 homes in Breezy Point, Queens

Water Floods Into A Parking Garage In New York's East Village

Tanker washes ashore Staten Island

This used to be the FDR drive but now is apart of the East River

Atlantic City, New Jersey

The entrance to the Brooklyn Battery tunnel is flooded to the top.

A street collapses in Downtown, New York

Crane collapses off luxury building on 57th street between 6th and 7th ave.

5th ave is a ghost town during "rush hour"

80 homes are destroyed by a 6 alarm fire in Breezy Point, Queens

Entrance to a mall in downtown Manhattan

The calm after the storm

Loading zone for hospital on 23rd st. and 2nd ave.

Half-submerged cars near Goldman Sachs building in New York

Sandy from above.

Jones Beach Nikon Theater as of noon today

LaGuardia Airport, New York

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