Campus Profile: Texas A&M University

Campus Profile: Texas A&M University

Texas A&M in College Station Texas understands the delicate balance of being super f*cking smart and being super f*cking drunk. A party haven, renowned for both our athletics and academics, we’re the biggest and baddest University in Texas, and our Aggie rings and maroon shirts will get us whatever we need in life.

We don’t waste our time with the liberal hippie Longhorns of Austin, unless we’re defeating them in football. We actually get shit done and we’re one of the last college campus’ where you can be greeted with a ‘Howdy’ and a smile.

Don’t be fooled by our love for cowboy boots, beer, and trucks because when it comes to the South, we own the land. Once you come here you’re an Aggie forever. Gig ‘em.

Campus Breakdown 

Just 90 miles northwest of Houston, A&M houses more than 50,000 students with a breakdown of about 52% male, 48% female. Tuition ranges between $20 thousand and $40 thousand, always in the favor of the Texan native. We strike the nearly impossible balance of  looks and smarts.

We’re Texans, and we’re Republicans. Our sports are epic, we love to party and we are consistently rated within the top 20 schools in America. We’ve got one of the most impressive and expansive hiring networks in the entire nation — Aggies hire Aggies. Life is good for a Texas A&M student.

The Types of Guys and Girls At Texas A & M

White, preppy, Obama-detesting Republicans are the usual people you meet here; there are tons of hot cowboys (hicks are at Tech, smart cowboys are at A&M). And, of course, beautiful girls. There are super-smart Indian people on the engineering part of campus; sorority girls and fraternity guys are made fun of all the time because Greek isn’t a big deal at A&M; most girls can’t stand guys in the Corps of Cadets (they’re usually the guys that were nerds in ROTC in high school).

Girls that like Corps boys are called boot chasers because senior Corps boys wear brown equestrian boots with their military uniform every day. But let’s go into more detail, shall we?

Sorority Girls: Always rocking their oversized t-shirt with either Nike shorts or leggings. They walk around campus saying “hi” every five seconds (they know everyone it seems like)

Frat Daddies: Swagging in their boat shoes and croakies, they dress nicer than the girls when going to class, and walk around campus saying “hi” every five seconds (they, also, know everyone it seems like).

Engineers: The most socially awkward creatures you will ever meet. I would say if they encountered a girl, they would have no idea how to act or what to say, but they seem to have that reaction with everyone…

They’re typically seen running around campus playing “humans vs. zombies” (some sort of game played with “nerf guns” and bandanas… no one, important, really knows).

Small Town People: A&M has more undergrad students than the population of most students’ hometowns. These people typically have no idea what’s going on at first during their freshman year, but (most times) quickly integrate (see above).

The GDI:  You might recognize these cargo short wearing, longboarders, who have nothing better to do with their lives than sit in hammocks they install in the trees in Academic Plaza OR walk on the tightropes that they set up: hipsters.

Southern Conservatives: Self-explanatory

Christian Sorority Girls: Bible thumpers who have nothing better to do than ruin people’s days/lives… from complaining about inappropriate conversation matter to calling the cops on neighbors (on the weekend… during reasonable hours) when they know it will end in an arrest (or a felony!)

Wehner High (Wehner is the building where virtually all business classes are):  It’s so concentrated with Greeks. It’s called Wehner high because it’s the same people all day, every day — just like high school. Everyone dresses up and looks their best, because they know that they will be running into virtually everyone that they know EVERYDAY (completely unlike main campus, where people dress like complete shit and give no fucks because they know that they won’t run into each other).

Corps people: I don’t even know where to begin with them. This, again, can fall under the engineering category of being socially awkward. They travel together on campus in what seem like packs when they go to class. They sit together, they eat lunch together, and only talk together. It’s like some sort of Aggie cult…

Blinndergardeners:  I can’t forget them! These are the people who go to Blinn College (a community college in the town over). The girls can be seen slutting it up at fraternity parties (yes, we know you go to Blinn… we can spot you immediately, you stick out like a sore thumb!) You can also find them (not like you would want to) around Northgate, a bar area/district, just being all around trashy.

Greek Life 

Honestly, Greek life isn’t as prominent here as it is at other southern schools. It’s frowned upon by academia, and, well, really anyone who isn’t Greek… There is also a lot more unity between sororities than you might see at other schools.

This is not the case with fraternities (fraternities have been known to call the cops on other houses during rush parties, resulting in the end of that party, and a shift of people to their own).

The top five fraternities at Texas A & M (No order)

FIJI: These are the stuck up rich boys from Westlake and Highland park.

KA Order: This frat mixes between country and fraternity lifestyle (also known as rich cowboys). These are our Southern gentlemen.

Beta: Sloppy in Stetsons, this is our cowboy fraternity, hence the Beta Barn (where their parties are held).

SAE: No words….

Sig Ep: The miscellaneous frat, it’s just a lot of random guys, honestly. They aren’t the hottest, but they have good, wild parties.

Worst Fraternities

Kappa Sig: If this isn’t the furthest thing from a fraternity, I couldn’t tell you what is. They’ve got dorky/nerdy, ethnic and one of the most flaming gays I’ve ever met… You name it; they have it (don’t get me wrong, they’re nice)… Let’s just say this is a fraternity that people tend to be embarrassed to wear shirts from… aka never do… I paint in mine!

Sigma Nu: These boys are the resident drug fraternity… you name it, they do it. This one probably has one of the worst ties with sororities (make that girls in general). Another sorority bailed on a mixer with them… How much worse can it get? OH! A guy during rush, despite knowing he wouldn’t pledge, decided to run their bar tab up so high that they ran out of money for pretty much the rest of the semester. They’re in trouble with IFC this semester as well.

DKE and Sammy: Do they even exist? (But, really… I suggested this as a worst to my friends and they told me that we don’t have them here. We do!)

The Best Sororities At Texas A & M (No order)

Alpha Chi Omega: This is probably the most diverse sorority, but they have party in common.

Delta Delta Delta: These are the girls next door… although I’ve heard slutty.

Zeta Tau Alpha: The Barbie dolls… I don’t know, they seem to be kind of a big deal.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: These are the old money crowd, they have an “IDGAF” look EVERY occasion… but they pull it off.

Delta Zeta: These are the party girls — and they roll deep.

The Worst Sororities

Alpha Delta Pi: Also, cleverly known as the Aggie Dog Pound. It’s sad to say, but this chapter has repeatedly done so horribly over the years, that they will most likely lose their charter this year.

Recruitment goes so poorly for them that they had to have representatives come in from Alabama, Georgia, etc. (actives from ADPi chapters all over the country) to try and help them get girls.

Campus Vices 

Beer is usually the alcohol of choice, especially at bars (different bars on Northgate have their own beer, etc.) and at frat parties/tailgates before football games. Drugs aren’t a widespread thing, but we do have our share of casual doping and study drugs. It’s not uncommon to see weed, vyvance, or adderall. But it never seems like a real problem. The school is unique because the nightlife is NOT ghetto at all (there are hardly any ghetto people at A&M, and it’s freaking awesome).

The guys that hit on you are smart (unless they go to Blinn College), usually white, who almost always have money. And they know how to treat a lady, especially at places for dancing, like Hurricane Harry’s.

Where to Blackout At Texas A & M

A&M is definitely a bar school (Northgate is the main nightlife scene, and so are parts of Downtown Bryan). Frats aren’t necessarily a big deal, but frat parties can be really fun — and sketchy at the same time (free alcohol and drunk bitches at every party… it’s hard for guys not in the fraternity to get into the party).

Themed frat parties attract more people, like camo or white trash. The best bars on Northgate: Obannon’s, Daisy Dukes, Rebel Draft House, The Ranch (they are always fun and pretty chill); worst bars are Social, Foundation, Hookah Station (these bars are somewhat clubs, with random black guys there from Bryan. Slutty girls will be found here).

Chilifest: It is a two-day music festival in Snook, TX (30ish minutes away) on 15 acres of pastureland. There is also a chili cook off (although no one really knows that — of course unless you sign up with some GDI team, redneck team or something of the sort).

People (at least girls) pretty much only hang around the fraternity tents. The tents contain fenced off areas for each fraternity that enters, fraternity men and girls who sign up for their team (all dressed in the same shirt) are constantly shotgunning beers, troughs on troughs on troughs of beer (seriously… so much beer), and a build (something that the fraternity pledges assemble over the weeks prior to chilifest).

Girls are seen running in and out of the tents, taking pictures, and basically just being shit shows for 48 hours straight… Oh! If you sign up with a fraternity, they bus you to chilifest (so responsible)! So really, although everyone technically pays for a music festival, if you’re doing chilifest right, you don’t even know who played at chilifest (meaning you blackout AND stay in the fraternity tents the entire time — and never go over towards the stage)

Bid Day: This is also referred to as “Fratmas” (the two names are for the day itself). Bid day is supposed to be a ceremony in which the new pledge classes from each fraternity walk down “the steps” of the administration building together, in their letters, as each fraternity is called. The crowd (other fraternities and of course drunk girls frolicking around) stands and watches as they cheer everyone on (while music is playing simultaneously). BUT, before the steps (9am), girls go to the fraternity houses for the pregame (some starting at 3:30)… You can only imagine how much of a shit show this event is. Not to mention the bar tabs post-steps!

Sigma Chi: This chapter’s parties are black out central, and not necessarily in a good way. They’re known around for being “rapey” and have NUMEROUS sexual assault charges from their parties. I mean, if you would casually like to get roofied and catch an STD, I would totally recommend hitting up a Sigma Chi party this weekend. They are also known for beer showers. Maybe not plural, but one constant, long beer shower throughout the whole night. Blinndergardener sluts can be spotted here!

Foundation: If you want to go to a club-like bar (sometimes referred to as “Tha Dirty F”), this is the place for you. The “matured sluts” tend to infest this bar, as well as Gatsby’s. These two places are known for ethnic people, blinndergardeners, and table top dancing…very classy.

Rebels: It’s very relaxed and probably the most common place to go. You are guaranteed to run into at LEAST 15 people that you know. Very Greek.

Schotzi’s: This place is typically more for holding events (as it is cheap to rent, because it’s on the outskirts of north gate). Bands play here when they come into town. There is also karaoke.

Chimmys: This just opened. It’s very new, popular and an exciting place to go. Not to mention their margaritas. They’ll get you blackout city. They’re made with everclear, and there is a two per person limit because they are so strong.

Logan’s: This made the list simply because they have popcorn. 

Sports Expectations 

Football is definitely the biggest deal (especially since we joined the SEC, the A&M football program is a national brand, and we get the best recruits in Texas.. our biggest rival is UT); baseball has the hottest guys and everyone is dying to meet the baseball team; track & field for both men and women are awesome and have won the national championships several times… many Aggies were at the Olympics, for the US and for other countries.

Women’s soccer (A&M doesn’t have men’s) and volleyball are the most talked-about women’s sports.

Academics Vs. Sports 

A&M is excellent in both academics and sports (A&M is one of three Tier 1 universities in Texas…the other two are UT and Rice); the Aggie network (refers to jobs for after you graduate — Aggies hire Aggies, especially engineers) is the best in the South, if not the country.

Athletes (especially football players) are celebrities on campus, and most of them go to A&M because they are on athletic scholarships (if most of the athletes weren’t on scholarships for sports, they wouldn’t be able to get into the school based on academics); academics overall though is more advantageous because it’s such a good school, and a degree from A&M carries a lot of weight in the national and global job market


Basically everyone is either in the Engineering school, pre-med or pre-vet (Biomedical science) because A&M is the university with a graduate vet school in Texas. Mays Business school is really respected too. If you aren’t an engineering, science or business major, you’re looked down on. No one respects liberal arts majors like English or History.

Everyone makes fun of Kinesiology majors (the running joke is “is that even a major?”) Communications is called the “hot girl” major because mostly everyone in the Comm department is a blonde, white girl. Companies from around the world come to campus to recruit people, especially engineers because that’s what A&M is known for.

Conclusions & Grade 

Overall Grade: 98%

In conclusion, Texas A&M has proved itself time and time again to churn out beautiful, intelligent and successful people – so long as they don’t LARP. Our campus life can think and drink and we know how to get what we want from life. So if you want to apply, to pledge and join our history, you better bring it.

Aggie Student | Elite.

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