Campus Profile: University of Delaware

Campus Profile: University of Delaware

This week, Elite will continue the Campus Profile Series as we look into the Fightin’ Blue Hens of the University of Delaware. Delaware has become the go-to collegiate choice for East Coasters looking for a large, sports based University, but without the rigorous high-school transcript A+’s to get in.

Located in Newark, Delaware, a large town in a suburban setting, UDel is the classic American college town. The school is ranked an honorable #75 on  US News. With a medium sized campus, and large student population of over 17,000 undergraduate students, it’s safe to say you’ll see a new face everyday on campus at UDel. Better yet, you might just avoid that one-night stand who looked like a 3 you were with last night.

The demographic pushes the female-dominated college trend more than most other schools, clocking in at 59% females and 41% males. Fishing in a bucket guys, if you can’t seal the deal this article will not help you. UDel is also located just a short drive from Philadelphia, and close to D.C., there are options for students that want to take a break from the suburban college scene and enter the city life for a few hours.

UDel is one of the great examples of binge drinking schools, setting the bar high for Frat life, day-drinking events, and an overall party culture in general. If you are looking for an insane time, venture to the great state of Delaware’s public University, but this University does not offer anything impressive in terms of a college education.

Demographic Types

UDel definitely boasts a more intriguing mix of people than most Universities we have seen. Where as with U. South Carolina, Indiana, and Michigan we saw one group dominating all the rest, UDel reps girls and guys predominantly from Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, the South, and less so from all other regions. Let us break down the girls first.

From Jersey Shore sluts, to prep-school brats, you can have it all in Blue-Hen Nation. From what we have seen the best way to break up the female demographic is by what type of guy’s they are after. First, the townies:  Townies undoubtedly get down at anby whim or chug of a beer. They do not discriminate and are always looking for a good time, plus, they are not bad looking. So stop talking to a sorority 3 who keeps rejecting you and meet a townie.

Sorority’s are becoming a fan-favorite here at Elite. Oh, do we love our sorority girls. These dames are drop dead gorgeous, and definitely steal the show down at UDel, especially with 15% of all women belonging to one. Unfortunately, start buying your Sperry’s and Vineyard Vines button-downs while in high-school, you will need to pledge for a Frat to have any chance with these smokeshows.

They usually hang with the Lax/Hockey bro crowd, and can always be found at the best Frat parties. But trust us, it would definitely be worth it considering their beauty depth. The pledging process for women for sorority girls is much different than most other Universities, there is not much of a hazing culture whatsoever. Mostly chugging beer; it definitely makes the college experience more relaxed.

GDI girls are not the worst we have seen. They definitely stay consistently good looking, yet you can tell from afar they wish they had pledged to a sorority. So, they wind up being envious and take out said envy by sleeping with all you GDI guys instead. Not a bad trade-off. Best of all, we have seen some quality dancing from all the girls at UDel, they apparently take this very seriously and are very good at it.

The south Jersey and Long Island girls are very similar: both have brown hair, dark tans in January, and put out like $5 Chinese food in Queens, New York. The only difference is, Long Island girls tend not to have the thick, horrible accent heard so often on the Jersey Shore. We cringe to remember it.

When it comes to UDel guys, the school keeps it interesting with their wide variety of sport and club options to take part in. But in terms of guys to expect, most separate the difference at reputable D1 program, and GDI wannabe’s. We all know that Rugby takes the cake in terms of Elite programs at UDel. The team consistently ranks in the upper-echelons of collegiate Rugby programs, and usually makes it to the final tournaments. They also throw sick parties. Check them out kids, ask for Johnny G.

Lax and Hockey are notable for their fan appeal amongst the hot suburban girls from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Girls will always love their lax, and laxtitutes are as age-old a phenomena as lacrosse is itself. So grab some seersuckers and Southern Tides, you’ll definitely want to pledge at this school.

The Frat guys fulfill their role with pride the school was recently rated top 10 Douchiest School In America, as well as 14% of the male population being in a Frat. At the same time, they definitely know how to throw a party. These guys may be douches, but if you want to hear some of the most amazing party stories, go find a UDel Frat friend. Go to the best one’s at Sigma Pi or Kappa Sig.

Kappa Sig, established in 1869 and one of the largest Fraternities in the nation, boasts some impressive accolades. Besides being an insane place to hangout, the Frat is one of the few GOLD standard Frats: participating in community philanthropy, maintaining a high CAP GPA, and taking part in campus events, it is safe to say Kappa Sig is an impressive organization.

We also enjoyed Sigma Pi: Since its inception in ’07 SigPi has remained a top tier Frat at UDel. It graduates and takes in classes of studs who know what’s good when it comes to women, academics, and partying. Accustomed to bangers, foam, bars, and sororities, they’re a cant miss. As far as types of Frat-bros, there are the those that pull game, and those who pretend to. It is easy to differentiate between the two, and the wannabe’s tend to get the leftovers. GDI’s don’t get lost amongst the Frat-bros though, there is not much animosity, if any at all, between the groups.

Rating: 90%

While although dominated by fraternities and sororities, UDel offers an unprecedented level of devotion and partying. Definitely worth joining and participating in. As for the GDI’s, they do not do much to claim their space in campus social life.


UDel, founded in 1743 and ranked at #75 in the Nation, boasts many accolades as a higher educational institution. One of the most impressive statistics is their study abroad program: UDel was the first in the Nation to provide one for their students, and consistently has over 1,400 students abroad. That is definitely a shit ton Ibiza trips every year.

The most popular major is Business with 20% of students enrolling in UDel’s program. The University has strong academic offerings for research and Medical school, but otherwise it does not stand out much against any other college in America. If you live in Delaware, you have 90% chance of gaining admission, so expect some home-grown geniuses in your classes who probably couldn’t pass their GED, or even tell you what a GED is for that matter.

Rating: 65%

UDel is ranked high in the Nation at #75, but the school has poor standards for in-state students. Overall, we just do not see much that stands out amongst today’s rigorous collegiate competition.


Club sports, like at most schools, are filled with “could have been D1 athletes” playing amongst never-was high-school bench warmers. They tend to not be taken seriously at UDel, but are fun none-the-less for providing something to do for the GDI’s during the semester. Girls participate much more in club sports than the guys, with a large proportion of both sorority and GDI girls.

Football has an average program that draws huge tailgating crowds every season. But students know their team never has a chance of playoff contention. Rugby offers perhaps the most exciting program options in the school, gaining National rankings consistently from year to year.

Rating: 80%

While D1, most programs do not significantly stand out as top contenders. Rugby bolsters the grade, but Blue Hen football certainly presents a downer.

What To Do

Besides Zombie Apocalypse, you are going to want to take advantage of UDel’s insane party reputation. Bars just do not happen until you’re 21, but UDel has a strong party option and often its better to spend your time at a Frat party than a bar. This is definitely not a bar-school. The best parties by far are thrown by the Frat guys. They are undoubtedly like a well run Meatpacking District club: controled crowd levels, huge girl to guy ratios, and quality-looks control for sure. One of the biggest problems at large Universities are the lame parties that run out of beer in a half hour.

The best Frats know what they are doing, and they pay off big by having the best options when it comes to getting girls or getting shit-faced. Definitely check out Sigma Pi or Kappa Sig. DJ’s frequent the best Frat houses, and the parties, well, we just cannot say enough about them. A good rule of thumb is: The best Frat houses are closest to campus. In warm weather, check the day-drinking parties out; They are consistently some of the best times UDel can offer.

For bars you are going to want to check out the two most popular, Tim’s and Kate’s. Tim’s is notable for its separate areas: There is a great downstair’s bar with signature cheap college specials; there is also an upstairs dance floor that gets ridiculous on a good night. Kate’s is a similar atmosphere, but is different from Tim’s dance layout.

Other bars include: Grotto – the townie hangout bar – Catherine Rooney’s, Deer Park, and Kildare’s. The bar’s don’t stack up against the amount of parties on a given night, but they are a good option for when you are 21 and don’t want to wait in a keg line.

Rating: 96%

UDel kills it in partying. Perhaps one of the most devoted schools to a good time, UDel knows how to plan, throw, control, and sustain a solid party environment.


The University of Delaware has proven itself to provide the typical binge-drinking collegiate experience. By noon you can already catch frat boys making robot suits out of Natty Light cases, and on popular holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day dozens of kegs are filled with green beer.

House music is taking over, and the University of Delaware is also beginning to experience the same influx of rave drugs on most college campuses across America. The Barstool Blackout Tour even visited Delaware twice last year, marking the University’s appeal; so students have not had to search far for excuses to dabble in various drugs. It’s also safe to say that no one is a stranger to smoking marijuana from time to time…or, for some, everyday.

With so many options, UDel thoroughly sounds like a fun, but not sober, time.

Best Bars

Tim’s, Catherine Rooney

Klondike Kate’s
158 E. Main St.
Newark, DE 19711

45 East Main St.,
Newark DE 19711

The Girl You Want To Take Home

Alexandra Fabiilli

The Girl You Would Take Home To Your Family

Laura Huffman

One Night Stand, Wednesday’s Finest

Stephanie Ray

Notable Alumni

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens Quarterback.

Best Frats:

SAE, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Nu

Best Sororites:

Alpha Phi, Sigma Kappa, Chi Omega (Chi-Hoes), ASA and AEPhi

Hottest Sorroity:

Sigma Kappa

BONUSup and coming Greek-life goes to:  Gamma Phi Beta

Overall Rating: 82%

UDel impressed us with its eclectic mix of people, good party options, and beautiful campus. Its always nice to see the good old Animal House tradition of college live on in places like Delaware throughout America. While although the school does not provide a strong bar scene, who needs it when you can do keg stands with hot-ass sorority babes. UDel certainly presents a strong offer for any undecided High School senior looking for a large-campus experience.


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