Campus Profile: University Of Georgia

Campus Profile: University Of Georgia

The next stop on our nationwide tour to visit the best college campuses in American is the University of Georgia. UGA has the perfect reputation, famous for its endless amount of beautiful women, solid sports teams, highly ranked academic facilities and raucous drunken chaos both on and off campus.

There’s an opportunity for all kinds of people to have the time of their lives at the University of Georgia, whether you want to further yourself academically, bar hop in one of the wildest college towns in the country or witness the incomparable school spirit of a Bulldogs football game. A huge school with a total of 26,000 undergraduate students, you’re always bound to run into a new level of craziness on any given night at UGA.

The essential college experience is an understatement for what your time can be at UGA. Virtually every student will tell you that this school strives to be the best in terms of sports, girls, and grades, and there is a collective effort to out-party every generation of the past. It is impossible not to lose yourself in the tornado of fun that can be found at every time and place imaginable at the legendary University of Georgia.

Campus Breakdown 
Deemed as a “large” university, UGA has about 26,000 total undergrads. Which sex is luckier? Definitely the men. It’s 58% women while 42% men, so the guys have a higher number of different types of women to choose from.

Types of guys and girls at the University Of Georgia 

Types of Guys You’ll Find at UGA

Fratdaddies, athletes and “the guys in between”. The fratdaddies are easy to spot–wearing their slampiece’s sorority t-shirt and constantly surrounded by their brothers. They feel the need to frequently bring up how smashed they got on a Tuesday night even though everyone else in Athens did the same thing.

Athletes are typically decked out in UGA gear, head to toe. Their free sweats and t-shirts are all they wear. They typically prey after the sorority based, jersey-chasing whores and honestly anyone who puts out. “The guys in between” cover a wide range of personalities.

You have the outdoorsy types, the hardcore Christian good boys, the nerdy suck ups who don’t shut the fuck up in class (but doesn’t everyone have those? they need to be wiped off the planet) and then of course the catty gays. College Magazine rated UGA #1 for sexiest guys last year.

Types of Girls You’ll Find at UGA

You’re either in a sorority or you’re not. The first question you’re asked at a bar is “whats your name” followed by “what sorority are you in?” Around campus you can see these bitches in their oversized sorority shirts, Nike shorts, neon shoes, and Longchamp bags as backpacks.

Greek Life 

It depends on what your standard is when judging sororities and fraternities here. With 17 sororities to choose from and 28 fraternities, it’s almost impossible to have a favorite because it’s all based on personal preference.

The KDs are the super pretty girls who feel entitled and use daddy’s credit card to get whatever they want. The KKGs (known as cutta cutta gramma) and KAT are wild partiers who tend to stick with the frats with old money. Some sororities have a good balance between different personalities, but most turn out to be a copy of a copy of a copy.

The Jews always have their own thing going on—with the highest GPA’s on campus, they’re also known to party super hard. DG is known to take all the left overs at the end of rush. As far as frats, there are plenty that aren’t even big enough to make fun of. TKE is just truly a lost cause.

These guys think they’re hot shit when really, all anyone knows them for is their weird orgies and strange hunch punch. If you can’t go Greek, go TKE (teek).

Campus Vices

The University of Georgia is a drinking town with a football problem. Being ranked as one of the top party school in years past, UGA students still feel the need to live up to the title. With 60 something bars downtown it’s almost hard to NOT be drunk all the time.

Whether or not students have class doesn’t even really seem to play a major role in the day’s drinking plans. Seeing someone drunk in class is not a completely unheard of experience. Besides alcohol, adderall is the most popular drug on campus.

Everyone thinks they need to take it to cram the night before their big exams. Liquor stores are lax, public intoxication is not uncommon and your friends are always pushing you to go harder each weekend.

Scandalous Moment On Campus

Two professors were busted this past summer. A chemistry professor was caught picking up prostitutes, one of whom happened to be an undercover cop. He is no longer allowed to be in contact with students, but UGA said it was cheaper to keep him around doing research than to break his contract.

The second was a German professor who turned out to have an alter ego of a transsexual prostitute. Maybe the Chem professor and the German professor should have just exchanged numbers and the whole mess would have been avoided.

Notable Alumni 

Alton Brown (Food Network Personality)

Jason Aldean (Country Singer)

Emilio Pucci (Fashion Designer)

Julie Moran (TV personality)

Ryan Seacrest (American Idol Host)

Josh Holloway (Actor)

Wayne Knight (Actor)

Kyle Chandler (Actor)

Kim Basinger (Actress)

R.E.M (All Four Members Attended the University)

Where To Blackout At the University of Georgia 

Athen, GA is a bar town. With 80 to choose from, the options are endless. Don’t get me wrong, there are house parties and parties at frat houses all the time, but the real fun happens downtown. Basically, you pregame with your friends at someone’s apartment then head downtown from there. The goal is to be drunk before you even leave.

NO ONE likes being downtown sober. The feeling is just eerie and sweaty. Bourbon St. Bar is for the freshmen, where girls are seen dancing on tables while the newly initiated frat boys stand by the bar looking up short skirts. Whiskey Bent, Moonshine, Sandbar, Silverdollar, Boar’s Head, General’s and Sideways are popular among a large demographic.

There is never a weekend that you won’t get a text saying “you going dt?” Every fall break, half the student body migrates to St. Simon’s Island to celebrate our biggest rivalry game against the University of Florida. GA/FL weekend is most definitely the single craziest weekend of the year. Thousands of bulldogs congregate on the beach to blackout simultaneously. There’s a reason it’s called “the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.”

Sports At University of Georgia

Football. There’s nowhere else you should want to spend your Saturdays in the fall than at UGA. Tailgating starts at the crack of dawn, so you sometimes don’t even make it to the game. There is always huge hype each season for the Dawgs to take it all.

Every other college conference pales in comparison to the SEC. Both this year and last, we have won the SEC East and played in the SEC championship. The UGA women’s equestrian team is the top in the nation (I’ve heard they’re pretty slutty too—they know how to ride a horse.

The UGA swimming and diving team are also pretty steady each year. The women tend to blow other schools out of the water. With Olympic gold medalist, Allison Schmitt on the team, they have taken several SEC championships. Basketball teams, however, for both men and women, are a joke.

Academics At University of Georgia 

As far as facilities, UGA is known for Sanford Stadium. “Between the Hedges” is a commonly heard phrase in college football, in reference to the hedges that surround the football field that have been in place since the beginning of time.

Academically, the Terry business school is the most lucrative college on campus. Ranked in the top 50 business schools, Terry does a good job of shaping well-rounded businessmen and women.

The landscape architecture school is always ranked in the top 5 in the nation, usually competing with ivy league schools due to its successful alumni and prestigious professors. Another perk about UGA is that so many different majors are offered here. There’s almost nothing you can’t do.

Overall Rating: 96%

The University of Georgia has pretty much everything you would want to get out of college. The weather is great, there’s opportunities for drunken debauchery and sex around every corner, and it feels great to be affiliated with such a legendary sports program.

You can get a headstart on a fruitful career plan, make love to the hottest girl you’ll ever see, participate in some of the most energy filled football games on earth and witness what a true American party town is like all in a given semester at UGA.

What separates the atmosphere of this university from other popular colleges is the pride and elite mentality of every unique student at UGA, all of whom are dedicated to soaking up of the new experiences and historical significance within the college and the town it surveys.

Everyone is there to succeed as an individual and also be a helping hand in maintaining the stand-up reputation of the university, making sure there is never a dull moment in Bulldog country, no matter who you’re with or what day of the week it is.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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