The Most Dangerous Colleges To Go To

The Most Dangerous Colleges To Go To

As we all know, some of the best colleges are located in some of the most unsavory neighborhoods. This does not bode well for drunk students stumbling around acting like idiots as accidents do occur.

So we here at Elite have decided to inform you which colleges you should be wary of when visiting or attending.

Here are the most dangerous colleges to go to.

*This list is from 2011


10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan Total enrollment: 41,674 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 119 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 83 Aggravated Assaults: 225 Burglaries: 230 Car Thefts: 142 Arsons: 20

9. Tufts University

Medford/Somerville, MA Total enrollment: 10,252 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 36 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 100 Aggravated Assaults: 119 Burglaries: 174 Car Thefts: 49 Arsons: 1

8. Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts Total enrollment: 27,651 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 128 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 151 Aggravated Assaults: 170 Burglaries: 909 Car Thefts: 157 Arsons: 1

7. Rutgers University-Newark

Newark, New Jersey Total enrollment: 11,501 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 28 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 42 Aggravated Assaults: 24 Burglaries: 387 Car Thefts: 95 Arsons: 19

6. Morgan State University

Baltimore, Maryland Total enrollment: 7,226 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 0 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 49 Aggravated Assaults: 13 Burglaries: 133 Car Thefts: 13 Arsons: 0

5. Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri Total enrollment: 13,575 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 22 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 59 Aggravated Assaults: 30 Burglaries: 159 Car Thefts: 144 Arsons: 1

4. Johnson & Wales University

Providence, Rhode Island Total enrollment: 10,709 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 3 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 25 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 35 Aggravated Assaults: 47 Burglaries: 28 Car Thefts: 68 Arsons: 1

3. Columbia University

New York, New York Total enrollment: 24,230 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 2 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 23 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 93 Aggravated Assaults: 70 Burglaries: 440 Car Thefts: 20 Arsons: 2

2. Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Total enrollment: 36,507 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 1 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 34 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 192 Aggravated Assaults: 97 Burglaries: 747 Car Thefts: 56 Arsons: 1

1. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Total enrollment: 24,599 Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years): Murders: 4 Negligent Homicides: 0 Forcible Rapes: 27 Non-forcible Rapes: 0 Robberies: 176 Aggravated Assaults: 40 Burglaries: 117 Car Thefts: 28 Arsons: 0 Also check out… College Traditions: Sex, Alcohol & Exhibitionism

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