This ASU Student Turned Out To Be The Walter White Of Ecstasy

This ASU Student Turned Out To Be The Walter White Of Ecstasy

Arizona Department of Public Safety investigators recently discovered an ecstasy factory being operated from inside an Arizona State student’s apartment.

According to ABC-15, a DPS officer on Wednesday pulled a 20-year-old over on Interstate 17 for driving in the HOV lane.

The officer searched the car and found a backpack filled with ecstasy pills and cocaine.

After securing a search warrant, detectives went to the kid’s apartment complex, located right around the ASU campus.

It was here where detectives found 30-pounds of product used to make ecstasy in addition to thousands of ecstasy pills.

DPS said the room was “essentially a pill factory which included a ‘pill press’ complete with a motor.”

Five people were arrested, most notable Andrew James Gajkowski, who is charged with possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs, possession for sale of dangerous drugs, transportation of dangerous drugs, conspiracy, manufacture for sale of dangerous drugs and illegal control of enterprise.

Also arrested were 42-year-old Malik Haseem Hooper, 20-year-old Hunter Ault, 19-year-old Edward Ortiz and 20-year-old Kevin Kimes, all for drug-related crimes.

Via: ABC-15, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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