Facebook Unveils Massive Redesign For News Feed, Looks Awesome

Facebook Unveils Massive Redesign For News Feed, Looks Awesome

Facebook over the years has made small changes here and there — but there hasn’t been an overhaul in over two years. Until now, that is. Now the site is getting a total revamp.

Facebook will be sleeker, simpler and more eye pleasing. It will basically look like the Facebook app and will read like, according to Mark Zuckerberg, “a newspaper.”

Facebook is getting rid of those “chrome” buttons, scrollbars and navigational detritus. The only things that you will see are the things that you actually care about, leaving the finishing product sleek and less cramped; Facebook is becoming simplified.

Photo albums will be bigger with more thumbnails allowing you an easier ‘at-a-glance’ understanding of what your friends have been up to. When your friend pops up on your homepage, you’ll get more information about them, pulling over their entire Timeline badge.

The renovated News Feed takes the same-old thumbnails and presents them in a more cosmetically aesthetic way, filling up your entire screen.

A shared link will feature a bigger preview than before and include consolidated comments from all your friends that commented on the post.

Also, every time that you comment on a photo or link, Facebook will take it into consideration when giving you suggested stories right in your feed — in other words, Facebook will direct you to the News Feed instead of just having it sit there like before.

Facebook is splitting the feed into subcategories such as: music, photos, friends and games. The music section will give you blips about what song your friends are listening to on Spotify, along with new artists that you may want to follow.

You can also add filters to each category so that you aren’t bombarded with things you don’t want to see. The update comes out today — slowly. Keep refreshing your screen and before you know it, your social networking life will be transformed.

Paul Hudson | Elite.

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