Flaming Facials Are The Latest Beauty Trend In China

Flaming Facials Are The Latest Beauty Trend In China

Who knew that the true key to beauty was to literally set your face on fire?

Apparently it’s the latest trend in China, as women in beauty salons are turning up the heat with flaming facials.

Known as Huǒ liáo, open flames are used to stimulate cell regeneration and make the complexion look younger.

The therapists apply a towel soaked in alcohol and a “special elixir” to the skin before setting fire to the face. 

The Huffington “Post says the treatment “stimulates the skin and addresses dullness, sagging and wrinkles.”

Others have gone so far as to claim it can cure everything from obesity to the common cold.

Would you set your face on fire to look younger?

Jordan Shepherd | Elite.

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Jordan Shepherd

Jordan Shepherd comes from a strong writing background, originally residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now living in New York City, his life experiences from backpacking across Europe to deep sea diving and nearly losing his life to a Great White Shark, Jordan Shepherd has a lot to say, and never pulls any punches.

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