This Generic Ad Perfectly Sums Up How Every Company Tries To Convince You They’re Changing The World

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Low, warm, voiceovers. The obviously forced inclusion of different ethnicities. Sped-up footage of people walking through cities.

These are just some of the images and graphics that this hilarious video parodies with “This Is A Generic Brand.”

Aside from the many car and communications companies that continue to release the same commercial over and over again, the first thing we thought of after watching this was the beginning of Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” and its fake movie trailers.

That and Sam Elliot introducing “The Big Lebowski.”

“Aw, shoot, I lost my train of thought.”

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Sean Levinson

Sean Levinson loves writing almost as much as he loves ranting about politics. Elite Daily lets him do both, and he couldn't be happier now that he's finally putting his years at SUNY New Paltz to good use. When he's not writing, Sean enjoys nature excursions, playing the guitar and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Look for him on "Real Time with Bill Maher," where he regularly appears in his most precious fantasies.

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