#NoFilter: Woman Spends $15K On Plastic Surgery To Look ‘Photoshopped’ In Real Life

Liz Rowley

The explosion of selfies has given rise to a more troubling trend — a slew of mobile apps that go above and beyond what regular Instagram filters are capable of.

Apps like Perfect365 let users airbush their own image, whereas SkinneePix offers fat trimming tools and Facetune helps erase blemishes.

With the uptick of social media in recent years, people inevitably tweak their images and focus on their online identities to a degree. Yet, these apps raise the bar on what we might file under a “healthy” amount of self love.

One woman just changed the selfie game. Triana Lavey, 38, spend $15,000 on plastic surgery, and her only aim for going under the knife was to emerge picture perfect.

Lavey told ABC’s Nightline, “I look like myself, but Photoshopped.”

If you take a quick look at Lavey’s before and after picture, it’s fair to say she looks largely unchanged. I’d say that’s a pretty penny to spend for minor results. Is there an app for insecurity issues?

H/T Metro, Photo credit: ABC

Liz Rowley



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