One Of The Hottest Girls Ever Just So Happens To Deep Sea Dive With Sharks [Video]


This may very well be the gnarliest girl we have ever seen. Ocean Ramsey (yes, that is her real name) is a gorgeous, long-legged blonde who spends her time in Hawaii swimming and hanging out with sharks.

Ocean Ramsey coolly holds onto the tails of sharks while in the Pacific Ocean, and we’re not talking about any regular sharks, either. I mean, she chills with 17-foot deadly Great White sharks.

Check out these incredible photographs by her friend Juan Oliphant snapped of the gorgeous daredevil!

“I feel so fortunate that some of the greatest moments of my life have been diving with Great White sharks. I recently took my third swim with a group of Great Whites,” says Ramsey.

“It’s difficult to express the incredible joy and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a Great White shark.”

We’re in love.

Hugh Everett | Elite.

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