Adios, Grumpy Cat! ‘Purrmanently Sad Cat’ Just Melted The Hearts Of Everyone (Photos)

Madeline Concannon

Grumpy Cat isn’t the only feline who deserves to have a meme dedicated to her.

With her sad eyes and pouty mouth, this unnamed cat always looks seriously distressed, and it’s adorable.

Her owner, Ashley Herring, posted pictures of the cat on Imgur that coined her the nickname Purrmanently Sad Cat, or PSC for short.

Herring has asked fans for name suggestions, some of which include Nugget, Bojangles, Happy, and my personal favorite, Meowancholia.

Despite her sad face, the cat “lives the life of luxury, attacking [Herring’s] toes from under the bed, chewing on fingertips, following my dog around, and picking on her siblings!’

In just three days, 370,000 people have viewed the photos of the kitten on Imgur.

Maybe Internet stardom will be just what this kitty needs to cheer up.

Photos Courtesy: Imgur

Madeline Concannon


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