Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In Genitals And Then Gets Arrested

Julian Sonny

On Saturday, a man was arrested after shooting himself in the genitals with a gun he planned to sell. Police met 36-year-old Tavares Donnell Colbert at the Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City after he went to the emergency room.

Colbert claimed that the weapon went off while he was checking to make sure it worked.

Colbert reportedly bought the gun on a Kansas street and planned to sell it near a convenience store on Southeast 44th Street and Shields Boulevard.

When Colbert pulled over to check the weapon, he accidentally shot himself in the groin.

According to NewsOK, police arrested Colbert on one count of possession of a firearm at the hospital after he was declared fit by medical staff.

It is illegal for Colbert to possess a gun because of his prior felony convictions.


Julian Sonny


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