New Bill In Massachusetts Bans Couples Getting Divorced From Having Make-Up Sex In Own Home

New Bill In Massachusetts Bans Couples Getting Divorced From Having Make-Up Sex In Own Home
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A bill has been drafted in Massachusetts that would force parents going through a divorce to seek a judge’s permission before having sex in their marital home.

According to ThinkProgress, the measure was filed on behalf of a constituent of Republican Senator Richard J. Ross as an act of courtesy to a loyal voter.

Ross told ThinkProgress that he does not support the bill, which leads us to assume that he had it drafted to get this crazy rich supporter of his to stop bothering him.

The bill would not only ban sex for someone going through a divorce but also anything remotely romantic, like a dinner date, until the separation is finalized.

It states that “the party remaining in the home shall not conduct a dating or sexual relationship within the home until a divorce is final and all financial and custody issues are resolved, unless the express permission is granted by the courts.”

The legislation was filed way back in early 2013 but received an extension for consideration last Thursday. Its current layout does not state what the punishment would be for pre-divorce sex in the marital home.

Massachusetts spouses are legally forced to wait at least 120 days after a judge approves a settlement before a divorce can become official.

So if Ross gets his way, a parent getting divorced could have to wait four months or more to have sex in his or her home.

Ross defended the bill in a Facebook post earlier today, claiming that he only drafted it because Massachusetts citizens have the right to petition their lawmakers.

Nowhere in this post does Ross mention that he is no way legally obligated to bring such petitions to the Senate.

via ThinkProgress, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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