The Top 10 Military Powers In The World

The Top 10 Military Powers In The World
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Human nature seems to be centered around the belief that conflict brings about positive change. Why else is it that out of all the years that the human species has inhabited this planet that we have only seen, roughly, 300 years of complete peace.

This is a very depressing statistic. Having the need to constantly shed our brother’s blood only proves that we have yet to evolve into the most superior beings.

This said, countries are required to build armies that will be able to protect them from all the other countries that are looking to take their land and resources. Here is a list of the 10 most powerful armies in the world.

10. Turkey

Annual Defense Budget $30,936,000,000

Military Personnel 514,000

Population reaching military age annually 1,298,979

Fighter Jets 1,530

Navy Ships 180

Purchasing power $853,900,000,000

9. Japan

Annual Defense Budget $44,300,000,000

Military Personnel 378,000

Population reaching military age annually 1,212,321

Fighter Jets 2,700

Navy Ships 150

Purchasing power $4,272,000,000,000

8. Brazil

Annual Defense Budget $24,000,000,000

Military Personnel 287,000

Population reaching military age annually 3,275,154

Fighter Jets 1,650

Navy Ships 90

Purchasing power $1,849,000,000,000

7. Germany

Annual Defense Budget $46,000,000,000

Military Personnel 250,000

Population reaching military age annually 863,773

Fighter Jets 1,100

Navy Ships 130

Purchasing power $2,807,000,000,000

6. France

Annual Defense Budget $62,000,000,000

Military Personnel 225,000

Population reaching military age annually 783,788

Fighter Jets 1,900

Navy Ships 135

Purchasing power $2,075,000,000,000

5. UK

Annual Defense Budget $53,000,000,000

Military Personnel 195,000

Population reaching military age annually 784,520

Fighter Jets 2,670

Navy Ships 140

Purchasing power $2,130,000,000,000

4. India

Annual Defense Budget $33,000,000,000

Military Personnel 1,325,000

Population reaching military age annually 22,229,373

Fighter Jets 1,250

Navy Ships 145

Purchasing power $2,966,000,000,000

3. Russia

Annual Defense Budget $43,000,000,000

Military Personnel 1,245,000

Population reaching military age annually 1,602,673

Fighter Jets 6,500

Navy Ships 525

Purchasing power $2,097,000,000,000

2. China

Annual Defense Budget $59,000,000,000

Military Personnel 2,255,000

Population reaching military age annually 20,470,412

Fighter Jets 2,400

Navy Ships 760

Purchasing power $7,099,000,000,000

1. USA

Annual Defense Budget $515,000,000,000

Military Personnel 1,385,000

Population reaching military age annually 4,266,128

Fighter Jets 22,700

Navy Ships 1,600

Purchasing power $13,780,000,000,000

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

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