The Top 5 Best Halloween Party Schools In America

The Top 5 Best  Halloween Party Schools In America

Once you’re in college, Halloween isn’t about trick-or-treating and scary movie marathons. Oct. 31 is one of the most popular nights for college students who work hard all year to take a break, let loose and party their pants off.

All over the country this Halloween, college towns will exhibit some of the most spectacular Halloween experiences complete with fantastic music, untamed party crowds, elaborate Halloween costumes and, of course, plenty of libations.

While most schools try to put on dazzling shows and boisterous parties every year, some stand above the rest to make Halloween their shining moment.

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  • 5. UC Santa Barbara

    According to Daily Nexus, this legendary Halloween party began as a water balloon fight between two dorms in the early '60s.   Through a wild past, this weekend-long party in Isla Vista is famous across the nation.   This beach-front school has a party reputation already, but add Halloween costumes in the mix and reports more than 50,000 people attend the event decked in outfits from the hilarious to the outrageous.   The school tries to keep the event strictly local and for students nowadays however, so it doesn't get too out of hand.

  • 4. Ohio Wesleyan University

    Not only is Ohio University ranked as the 2012 No. 1 party school in America by the Princeton Review, it also hosts arguably the best college Halloween party in the country.   This nationally known block party attracts thousands of students and visitors in costumes along with food and alcohol vendors and fantastic entertainment and musical guests.   This wild night is supervised by police closing off several blocks in uptown Athens for party-goers to enjoy the festivities.

  • 3. University of North Carolina

    University of North Carolina may not be on Princeton’s list of wildest party schools, but that doesn’t stop them from throwing a killer Halloween bash every year.   According to, about 75,000 students and guests head to Franklin Street to party from 9 pm. until 1:30 a.m.   Top of the Hill is a restaurant and brewery with rooftop seating for those who want to view the costumed masses on Franklin.

  • 2. University of Wisconsin- Madison

    University of Wisconsin is known for its enormous State Street Halloween Party.   According to, more than 100,000 people show up in costumes to celebrate at this wild soiree.   “Freakfest,” as it’s called, takes place from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. and is expecting performances from musical guests like Mac Miller and Nobody Beats the Drum.

  • 1. East Carolina University

    All ECU Pirates anticipate Halloween in Greenville, NC. The event dubbed “Midnight Madness” floods Fifth Street with costumed crowds.   Onlookers peer down from downtown rooftops to view the festivities. According to, “Fifth Street is like Mardi Gras on Halloween.”   The police department shuts down six blocks for the party.

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