The 15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Spring Break Experience

The 15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Spring Break Experience
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  • 15. How you feel in your last class before spring break.

  • 14. Forgetting about all the work you have due after spring break.

  • 13. The moment you land at your destination.

  • 12. The excitement on your face that everything is all inclusive.

  • 11. When you see that white girl that is way too sunburnt for her own good.

  • 10. You and your friends feeling like you run shit at the pool.

  • 9. The way you feel after drinking tequila all day under the hot sun.

  • 8. The first time you see a live wet t-shirt contest.

  • 7. The moment you think you've fallen in love with a girl from another country.

  • 6. The moment you find out the girl you've fallen in love with has already slept with your friend.

  • 5. When that big girl that shouldn't be twerking, twerks in front of everyone.

  • 4. The moment you realize you only have $5 left to your name.


  • 3. The moment you realize the tequila and molly made you have unprotected sex with a girl you met on spring break.

  • 2. The moment you get back home and reality hits.

  • 1. The moment you realize you don't want to have a daughter because of what you saw on spring break.

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