Drinking Your Calories: Here’s How Alcohol Compares To Your Fave Foods

The school year is officially in full swing, and everything is pretty perfect.

The leaves are slowly starting to change color, it’s getting cooler out, you’re making new friends and you don’t have much studying to do.

You’re trying to enjoy it while it lasts, so you’re hosting plenty of “Gilmore Girls” marathons that include multiple bottles of wine.

You’re also playing beer pong with your neighbors and taking a few shots before heading to the bars to drink an AMF or two.

Long story short, you’re drinking a lot. And we get it. You want to enjoy college, you’re only young once and who cares if you’re hungover for your first stats class? You’ll catch up later.

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But there’s something to consider when drinking a lot that has nothing to do with nasty hangovers or drunk texting.

Truthfully, you’re consuming a lot of calories during a night of drinking.

Top it off with that drunken 2 am trip to McDonald’s, and you’re way over your recommended daily calorie intake.

In an effort to stop you from gaining the freshman (or whatever year you are) 30, we put together these graphics, complete with delicious emoji, comparing the calories in alcoholic drinks and your favorite foods.

Consider this before your next beer pong game.


Do you really need that fifth shot? Pizza is so much more satisfying.


Cider is delicious! And packed with sugar and calories.


Hate to break it to you, but ice cream tastes way better.


How does Olivia Pope drink all that wine and maintain her slim figure?!


Wouldn’t your rather spend the night dabbling in all-you-can-eat sushi?


Think about this the next time you pop a bottle of champagne.


This is a tough one. But how good does that chocolate look?


Decisions, decisions. Good luck with that one!

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