Savage Grandma Destroys Woman’s Proud Baking Pics With Brutally Honest Comment

Baking is a great hobby because anyone can give it a go.

And whether you’re an All-American baker capable of making luxury cakes or you manage to burn cookies, we’re not judging at all.

But someone who is definitely judging your baking skills is 77-year-old Scottish grandma Hazel Ramsay.

When one of her Facebook friends, a woman named Alison, posted some photos of her first attempt at making her own potato scones, Hazel didn’t hold back.

Pictures of potato scones and Hazel Ramsay's savage Facebook comment criticizing them


In fact, scratch that — it was almost the most savage response possible.

Hazel took to Facebook to write,

Sorry Alison but they look shite hope they tasted better than they looked I’ve no tried the recipe yet I will post a picture

Let’s be frank for a second here.

Alison’s scones don’t look amazing.

Potato scones baked by a woman named Alison


For a first attempt, they’re nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever, but if you bought those bad boys from a store, it’s safe to say you’d be pretty disappointed.

And everyone is laughing at Hazel’s harsh comment thanks to her daughter Rowan, who tweeted,

Some poor bird is heavy chuffed with her tattie scones n ma granny has absolutely scorned her “sorry Alison they look sh*te”

Rowan Ramsay standing next to her grandma Hazel Ramsay in a selfie

Rowan Ramsay

Now, if you’ve never met a Scottish person before, I can see why that would make absolutely no sense — so here’s a rough translation:

A woman is very pleased with the scones she baked, but my grandma had a savage response, telling her “sorry Alison they look shite”

Got it? Good.

I’m ready to hand Hazel the highly coveted title of Queen of Sass. (Sorry, Beyoncé.)

That’s because Rowan tweeted a picture of her grandma, and it’s just perfect.

Yes, that’s Hazel holding her own (pretty perfect, I have to say) potato scones.

She’s got that recipe on lock.

Own it, grandma.

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