Service Dog Sat For A Caricature In Disneyland Like The ‘Good Boy’ He Is

We all know Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth.

But did you know humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy spending a day in this glorious amusement park?

Yep, it turns out man’s furry BFF is also pretty fond of the Magic Kingdom.

Remember when someone made all of their dog’s dreams come true by bringing their pup to Disneyland to meet Pluto IRL?

Well, if that smiling dog gave you all the feels, you might want to brace yourself.

Another cuddly canine was just spotted having a doggone good time in Disneyland, and it’s almost too cute for words.

Yahoo, a delightful service-dog-in-training from San Marcos, California recently took a trip to Disneyland with his volunteer human.

While wandering around the park, Yahoo’s human decided it would be fun to give Yahoo an impromptu lesson in obedience by having him sit and pose for a caricature drawing.

As Yahoo patiently waited as the artist worked, a couple passing by happened to notice the glorious event unfolding.

They snapped a picture of Yahoo and sent it to their 26-year-old daughter, Katie, who then posted the adorable pic on Twitter.

The internet can’t seem to handle the insanely cute sight of this pup posing in Disneyland.

Can you blame them? It’s impossible to be sad while looking at Yahoo being turned into a canine surfer cartoon.

As you can imagine, people are basically losing their minds over this dog. Yahoo’s photo has been retweeted over 53,000 times.

If you ask me, this future service dog might just be the purest creature on the planet.

This magnificent mutt is making people believe there is still some good left in the world.

Who’s a good boy? This lovable labrador, that’s who.

This Disneyland dog is like a little four-legged angel covered in fur.

I mean, seriously… just look at this pup’s precious face.

If that’s not enough to make your heart melt, Yahoo also got the chance to meet Disney’s most famous dog, Pluto.

He also chilled with some of Disney‘s other famous animals, like the fuzzy, life-size characters from “Winnie The Pooh.”

His sweet snapshot has prompted other people to share Disney caricatures of their own cute canines on Twitter.

Apparently, Yahoo isn’t the first dog that’s posed for a caricature at Disneyland.

This pup is part of a non-profit organization called Canine Companions for Independence.

The organization helps breed and train service dogs that are then given to people with disabilities free of charge.

Jeanine Konopelski, a spokesperson for CCI, told BuzzFeed News, “Based on that photo, Yahoo is practicing basic obedience commands as he waits for his photo [to be] taken.”

Konopelski added, “That’s a perfect training and socialization for one of our dogs to get used to waiting and sitting at attention.”

Once Yahoo has completed his training in February of 2017, he’ll be able to help a disabled person open doors, turn on lights and even pull their wheelchairs.

So yeah, this Disney-loving dog definitely deserves a round-of-a-paws.

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