The 10 High Schools That Produce The Most NFL Players In America

The 10 High Schools That Produce The Most NFL Players In America
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When it comes to producing mass amounts of talent in the NFL, there’s only a handful of high schools in the country that can truly consider themselves “pipelines.”

It should come as no surprise that California, Texas and Florida are the most potent hotbeds when it comes to producing blue chippers playing division-1 football around the country. The chances of them getting drafted into the league is all just a numbers game after that.

But taking into consideration how rapidly the competition has evolved over the past two decades, with more emphasis on training prospects in youth leagues and new advancements in sports medicine, the high school game has essentially turned into an amateur profession.

A select group of schools throughout the country has separated themselves from the rest, however, proving that success starts early on with core values and discipline on the field that starts from the beginning.

You can’t teach pure talent and desire, but you can sure as hell recruit it and mold it into something great. These are the top 10 high schools that have produced the most pros in the past 20 years.

10. Glenville (Cleveland, Ohio): 9 Players



Donte Whitner, 2006 Round 1, Buffalo Bills

Tedd Ginn Jr. 2007, Round 1, Miami Dolphins

Troy Smith, 2007, Round 5, Baltimore Ravens

Antwaun Molden, 2008, Round 3, Houston Texans

Angelo Craig, 2008, Round 7, New England Patriots

Ray Fisher, 2010, Round 7, Indianapolis Colts

Jermale Hines, 2011, Round 5, St. Louis Rams

Jonathan Newsome, 2014, Round 5, Indianapolis Colts

C.B. Bryant, 2014, Round 7, St. Louis Rams

9. Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Florida): 10 Players


Dillard HS

Isaac Bruce, 1994, Round 2, Los Angeles Rams

James Bostic, 1994, Round 3, Los Angeles Rams

Frank Sanders, 1995, Round 2, Arizona Cardinals

Josh Shaw, 2002, Round 5, San Francisco 49ers

Tron LaFavor, 2003, Round 5, Chicago Bears

Chris Gamble, 2004, Round 1, Carolina Panthers

Matthias Askew, 2004, Round 4, Cincinnati Bengals

Jovan Haye, 2005, Round 6, Carolina Panthers

Stanley McClover, 2006, Round 7, Carolina Panthers

Pat Sims, 2008, Round 3, Cincinnati Bengals

8. Carter (Dallas, Texas): 11 Players



Jessie Armstead, 1993, Round 8, New York Giants

Joe Burch, 1994, Round 3, New England Patriots

Greg Hill, 1994, Round 1, Kansas City Chiefs

Clifton Abraham, 1995, Round 5, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

William Carr, 1997, Round 7, Cincinnati Bengals

Jerametrius Butler, 2001, Round 5, St. Louis Rams

Daryl Jones, 2002, Round 7, New York Giants

Adrian Jones, 2004, Round 4, New York Jets

Jonathan Scott, 2006, Round 5, Detroit Lions

Michael Crabtree, 2009, Round 1, San Francisco 49ers

DeMarcus Love, 2011, Round 6, Minnesota Vikings

7. Glades Central (Belle Glade, Florida): 11 Players



Reidel Anthony, 1997, Round 1, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fred Taylor, 1998, Round 1, Jacksonville Jaguars

Roosevelt Blackmon, 1998, Round 4, Green Bay Packers

Johnny Rutledge, 1999, Round 2, Arizona Cardinals

JaJuan Seider, 2000, Round 6, San Diego Chargers

James Jackson, 2001, Round 3, Cleveland Browns

Claude Harriott, 2004, Round 5, Chicago Bears

Santonio Holmes, 2006, Round 1, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ray McDonald, 2007, Round 3, San Francisco 49ers

Travis Benjamin, 2012, Round 4, Cleveland Browns

Kelvin Benjamin, 2014, Round 1, Carolina Panthers

6. Blanche Ely (Pompano Beach, Florida): 12 Players



Zack Crockett, 1995, Round 3, Indianapolis Colts

Henri Crockett, 1997, Round 4, Atlanta Falcons

Al Harris, 1997, Round 6, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Corey Simon, 2000, Round 1, Philadelphia Eagles

Tyrone Carter, 2000, Round 4, Minnesota Vikings

Jerome McDougle, 2003, Round 1, Philadelphia Eagles

Clint Session, 2007, Round 4, Indianapolis Colts

Joshua Moore, 2010, Round 5, Chicago Bears

Walter McFadden, 2010, Round 5, Oakland Raiders

J.T. Thomas, 2011, Round 6, Chicago Bears

Patrick Peterson, 2011, Round 1, Arizona Cardinals

Jabari Price, 2014, Round 7, Minnesota Vikings

5. De La Salle (Concord, California): 12 Players



Aaron Taylor, 1994, Round 1, Green Bay Packers

Doug Brien, 1994, Round 3, San Francisco 49ers

Amani Toomer, 1996, Round 2, New York Giants

Aaron Taylor, 1998, Round 7, Indianapolis Colts

David Loverne, 1999, Round 3, New York Jets

D. J Williams, 2004, Round 1, Denver Broncos

Maurice Jones-Drew, 2006, Round 2, Jacksonville Jaguars

Demetrius Williams, 2006, Round 4, Baltimore Ravens

Kevin Simon, 2006, Round 7, Washington Redskins

Derek Landri, 2007, Round 5, Jacksonville Jaguars

T.J. Ward, 2010, Round 2, Cleveland Browns

Travis Carrie, 2014, Round 7, Oakland Raiders

4. Dorsey (Los Angeles, California): 13 Players



Lamont Warren, 1994, Round 6, Indianapolis Colts

Keyshawn Johnson, 1996, Round 1, New York Jets

Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar, 1996, Round 3, Miami Dolphins

Chris Miller, 1997, Round 7, Green Bay Packers

Cedric White, 1997, Round 7, St. Louis Rams

Dennis Northcutt, 2000, Round 2, Cleveland Browns

Na’il Diggs, 2000, Round 4, Green Bay Packers

Chris Owens, 2009, Round 3, Atlanta Falcons

David Gettis, 2010, Round 6, Carolina Panthers

Rahim Moore, 2011, Round 2, Denver Broncos

Jeremy Harris, 2013, Round 7, Jacksonville Jaguars

Johnathan Franklin, 2013, Round 4, Green Bay Packers

Robert Herron, 2014, Round 6, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3. Northwestern (Miami, Florida): 15 Players



Marvin Jones, 1993, Round 1, New York Jets

Derrell Mitchell, 1994, Round 6, New Orleans Saints

Corey Moore, 2000, Round 3, Buffalo Bills

Nate Webster, 2000, Round 3, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Snoop Minnis, 2001, Round 3, Kansas City Chiefs

Antonio Bryant, 2002, Round 2, Dallas Cowboys

Torrie Cox, 2003, Round 6, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Vernon Carey, 2004, Round 1, Miami Dolphins

Vernand Morency, 2005, Round 3, Houston Texans

Anthony Gaitor, 2011, Round 7, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lavonte David, 2012, Round 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sean Spence, 2012, Round 3, Pittsburgh Steelers

Brandon Washington, 2012, Round 6, Philadelphia Eagles

Tommy Streeter, 2012, Round 6, Baltimore Ravens

Teddy Bridgewater, 2014, Round 1, Minnesota Vikings

2. Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, California): 16 Players


LB Poly

Brandon Whiting, 1998, Round 4, Philadelphia Eagles

Ken-Yon Rambo, 2001, Round 7, Oakland Raiders

Terry Charles, 2002, Round 5, San Diego Chargers

Kareem Kelly, 2003, Round 6, New Orleans Saints

Samie Parker, 2004, Round 4, Kansas City Chiefs

DeSean Jackson, 2008, Round 2, Philadelphia Eagles

Jurrell Casey, 2011, Round 3, Tennessee Titans

Willie McGinest, 1994, Round 1, New England Patriots

Winston Justice, 2006, Round 2, Philadelphia Eagles

Marques Anderson, 2002, Round 3, Green Bay Packers

Marcedes Lewis, 2006, Round 1, Jacksonville Jaguars

Omar Stoutmire, 1997, Round 7, Dallas Cowboys

James Burton, 1994, Round 5, Kansas City Chiefs

Don Sasa, 1995, Round 3, San Diego Chargers

Terrence Austin, 2010, Round 7, Washington Redskins

Darnell Bing, 2006, Round 4, Oakland Raiders

1. St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderale, Florida): 17 Players



Sterling Palmer, 1993, Round 4, Washington Redskins

Albert Connell, 1997, Round 4, Washington Redskins

Twan Russell, 1997, Round 5, Washington Redskins

Daryl Porter, 1997, Round 6, Pittsburgh Steelers

Leonard Myers, 2001, Round 6, New England Patriots

Nate Salley, 2006, Round 4, Carolina Panthers

Tavares Gooden, 2008, Round 3, Baltimore Ravens

Major Wright, 2010, Round 3, Chicago Bears

Geno Atkins, 2010, Round 4, Cincinnati Bengals

Sam Young, 2010, Round 6, Dallas Cowboys

Marcus Gilbert, 2011, Round 2, Pittsburgh Steelers

Leonard Hankerson, 2011, Round 3, Washington Redskins

Christian Thompson, 2012, Round 4, Baltimore Ravens

Andrew Datko, 2012, Round 7, Green Bay Packers

Giovani Bernard, 2013, Round 2, Cincinnati Bengals

Lamarcus Joyner, 2014, Round 2, St. Louis Rams

Dezmen Southward, 2014, Round 3, Atlanta Falcons

Brandon Linder, 2014, Round 3, Jacksonville Jaguars

James White, 2014, Round 4, New England Patriots

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