The 10 Sports Stars Who Got Injured While Wearing Adidas

The 10 Sports Stars Who Got Injured While Wearing Adidas
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In case you haven’t realized by now, the sports stars who suffer the most horrific and debilitating injuries are usually wearing Adidas on their feet. No, really.

Just think about it. Pretty much every marquee player who has been slowed down due to ACL, leg or foot injuries in recent years have all had one thing in common; a sponsorship from Adidas.

Could this be a giant conspiracy to stop great athletes or is the brand itself indeed cursed? Whatever it may be, pro athletes should run quick before it’s too late.

Don’t ruin you entire career for the sake of some corny shoes. These are the 10 Sports Stars Who Got Injured While Wearing Adidas.

10. Frank Gore, NFL

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

During the 2012 playoffs, 49ers running back Frank Gore scampered for 23-yard touchdown where upon contact in the end zone suffered a knee injury. Teammates tried to celebrate with Gore but he was ultimately unable to get up and was forced to wait for the medical staff. That’s what happens when you try to step up in Lambeau in some Adidas son!

9. Iman Shumpert, NBA

New York Knicks v Miami Heat - Game One

Marc Serota/Getty Images

Iman Shumpert suffered a most unfortunate ACL tear during a first round playoff match up in Miami in 2012. He dribble up the court and a fast break and the next thing you know… boom. Out for the season. This probably wouldn’t have happened if he weren’t sponsored by Adidias and was rocking some Nikes.

8. Danilo Gallinari, NBA

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets

Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

During the second quarter of a regular season game against Dallas, Danilo Gallinari drove hard in the lane, planted his foot and twisted his knee. This deciding play ended his season as he hobbled around in agony and was forced to wait for attention until the ball was no longer in play. The Denver Post reported that Gallinari said he heard the knee pop. He was of course wearing his signature sneakers from Adidas.

7. Kevin Garnett, NBA

Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics

Elsa/Getty Images

KG has been bothered with pesky leg injuries his entire career. In fact he is even out now suffering from an ankle injury which is keeping him out until at least playoffs. He too is another one of Adidas marquee endorsers. Who could forget the time he won the title and yelled, “Anything is possible!” Yeah that was just a plug for Adidas. Now the man is cursed. The finish to his career won’t be a graceful one.

6. Reggie Bush, NFL

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In just his second year in the league, Reggie Bush tore his ACL with four games left in the season. The year after, he sustained the same injury and the Saints were forced to go into the playoffs without the star. And just last year he injured the same knee while playing for the Dolphins. Who knows how great of a player he would have been if he never wore Adidas and never got hurt like this.

5. Tracy McGrady, NBA

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

At one point in his career, Tracy McGrady was known as T-Mac; a total beast with prolific scoring and flashy dunks. Alongside Yao Ming, they became one of the deadliest one-two punches in the world for the Houston Rockets. However a knee injury and a couple surgeries later, T-Mac returned as Tracy, nothing more than a decent mid-level player. His injuries made a true impact on his game as he lacked the quickness and first step he once had. And during his last go-around in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks, he tore his ACL. Was his entire career cursed by Adidas? You bet.

4. Gilbert Arenas, NBA

Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Agent Zero was one of the most promising talents during his prime in the NBA. We all remember when he went head to head with LeBron in the playoffs which was one of the greatest times in both of their careers. But after injuring his knee while on Washington he was never the same. He got into off the court troubles and just couldn’t seem to stay focused on the game. Today he is out of the league and that’s all thanks to Adidas.

3. Robert Griffin III, NFL

Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins

Al Bello/Getty Images

RG3 had a monster rookie year but unfortunately his shoe of choice prevented it from being a truly special one. That’s because in a first round playoff match up against the Seahawks, a visibly hurting Griffin tried to continue playing when every athlete’s worst nightmare happened. He tore not only his ACL, but his LCL. This was pretty depressing to see as he was clearly in pain before the injury even happened and it was reported that he begged coaches to stay in the game. Should have signed with Nike, Robert!

2. Derrick Rose, NBA

Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls - Game One

Getty Images

NBA superstar and MVP Derrick Rose suffered perhaps one of the most tragic ACL tears in recent memory. During the first game of the 2012 playoffs with the game in hand during the fourth, Rose drove to the basket and awkwardly landed on his left leg. Everyone in the arena could instantly tell it wasn’t good. He hobbled in pain and dropped the the floor as millions of Chicago Bulls fans hearts stopped and the unthinkable happened. He tore his ACL.

This of course happens to coincide with the fact that he is one of Adidas marquee sponsors and wears his own shoes. Coincidence? I think not. Now almost a year later, Rose has still yet to return to the court. Although doctors have cleared him to play, he is not ready just yet, opting to continue to sit it out while his team makes a playoff run.

1. Kevin Ware, NCAA Men’s Basketball

Colorado State v Louisville

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In 2013 Kevin Ware suffered the most horrific, gruesome, vomit-inducing injuries in sports history. During a Elite Eight match up against Duke, he soared for a block attempt when he awkwardly landed and literally snapped his entire leg in half. The bone was sticking six inches out of his leg as this moment truly shocked the nation. What was he wearing? Well an entire uniform, from the jerseys to sneakers, sponsored by Adidas. Cursed I tell you!

Top Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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