The 15 Most Outrageous Moments In Dennis Rodman History That Remind Us How Crazy He’s Always Been

The 15 Most Outrageous Moments In Dennis Rodman History That Remind Us How Crazy He’s Always Been
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With many Americans baffled by Dennis Rodman’s recent antics — a budding friendship with a certain Korean dictator and a drunken rant on live TV, to name a few — we must have forgotten about all those stunts “The Worm” used to pull back in the day.

From crazy hairstyles, to dressing in drag, Rodman has never lived by the book. Most of the time, it’s been this outlandish behavior that’s gotten him into trouble. In 2014, the trend continues!

As for the haters out there thinking that Rodman is acting out again for attention or publicity, just stop! This man is truly on one, as he has been for years. He has a long history of losing his cool, temper, sanity… you name it! It’s never easy to agree with anything he does, but Dennis Rodman is just acting as he should: himself.

These are the 15 most outrageous moments in Dennis Rodman history:

When he kicked the cameraman in the nuts

Photographers have been a nuisance to players for years now (not just in the NBA), but in 1997, Dennis Rodman decided he’d had enough and did something about it, kicking a cameraman square in the nuts out of pure frustration. The whole scene was pretty bad, as the poor dude just laid down in pain. Come on, Dennis; he’s about half your size!

When he head-butted a referee

Not many players would go out of their way to actually hurt a ref (even though they act like they might these days), but in the 1996 season, Rodman turned up once again and head-butted an official. Obviously, he was ejected from the game, but he didn’t leave quietly. Instead, he went on a rampage, ripping off his jersey and pushing over the coolers. Phil Jackson just found it hilarious.

When he became a part of NWO in WCW

The NBA/pro wrestling transition was one of the most popular crossovers back in the 90s (shout out to Karl Malone), but when Dennis did it, you knew he’d be different. I wonder if Rodman knew it’s scripted? Probably not. He joined the New World Order in WCW, which was easily one of the most badass wrestling moments of all time. He even got to fight against the legend, Hulk Hogan, himself!

When he said Larry Bird was overrated because he’s white


Never one not to speak his mind, Rodman ruffled a lot of feathers in 1987 when he claimed that the only reason Larry Bird won three MVP awards was “because he’s white.” He also included that Bird was “overrated in a lot of areas.” Really, who are we to question Dennis? Have you ever played against Larry Bird?

When he got naked for fur



Dennis Rodman will rock ink over mink any day. In one wild PETA campaign, which made headlines all the way in Asia, we saw a little too much of The Worm. Apparently, Dennis really is about this life, as he refuses to don animals during photo shoots. Then again, though, how many times have we actually seen him rock fur? All the f*cking time.

When he married Carmen Electra


How could a guy so big, so ugly and so bizarre bag a dime piece like Carmen Electra? Oh yeah, money. Duh! No one was hotter than Carmen in the 90s, and she made her parents proud by marrying the NBA bad boy in 1998. Unfortunately, the couple only lasted four months, which is more than most celebrity marriages today.

When he dated Madonna and tried to get her pregnant



Hold up. Carmen Electra AND Madonna? This man was killing it in the 90s! Back in 1994 (before Ms. Electra), Rodman and Madonna began dating for four wild months. Just how serious did things get during that time? Well, he claims the iconic musician demanded that he get her pregnant on multiple occasions, which he was unable to do. Damn, impotency is a b*tch.

When he made it rain at a department store

How many times have you actually seen someone make it rain? The strip club doesn’t count! During his brief fling with Madonna, Rodman was really feeling himself and went out on a limb, throwing dollars in a random department store. There was absolutely no reason for this, but was it awesome? Hell yes.

When he accidentally broadcasted an orgy in the Hamptons

Anna Kosturova/Beach Riot/Lolli Swim/Manglar/Indah At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 - Front Row

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014

We all know Dennis likes to party, but at a Hamptons party back in 2010, he turned up a little too hard and pretty much broadcasted the sounds of him f*cking six women. Using a cordless microphone, Rodman made drunken announcements throughout the night, and forgot to turn it off when he retreated upstairs with about half a dozen women.

When he almost committed suicide in the parking lot of the arena


Dennis Rodman has never been one to shy away from his suicidal past, explaining in full detail in his book, ”Bad As I Wanna Be,” that he actually sat in the cab of his pickup truck with a rifle in his lap, contemplating whether or not to blow his brains out. Oh yeah, he was parked right outside of the Palace of Auburn Hills, where the Pistons play. Crazy!

When he grabbed a career high, 34 rebounds

Thirty-four rebounds in one game? Sheesh! Dennis Rodman is undoubtedly the best rebounder of all time. Who’s trying to box out with him?

When he tried to make a comeback at 45, but failed miserably

When you’re down, you’re out. There’s no sense in trying to come back, especially when you’re 45. Then again, why the f*ck not? Right? In 2003, Rodman competed in the ABA development league. Let’s just say that this block pretty much sums up his attempt to make a comeback.

When he declared himself a bisexual and married… himself



Can you believe everyone forgot about this sh*t? It made headlines everywhere. Dennis Rodman declared himself bisexual and was marrying himself. Of course, he showed up to his wedding wearing a wedding gown, because… why not?

When he became Kim Jong-un’s best friend… for some reason

How could one even begin to explain this? It’s straight out of a movie! NBA’s biggest bad boy from the 90s pairing up with the supreme leader of North Korea is nothing short of gold. The best part of it all is that their friendship is 100 percent authentic. They’re soul mates!

When he wilded out on CNN and later admitted he was drunk


Top Photo Credit: James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

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