15 Reasons Why Soccer Players Are The Biggest Sports Stars In The World

15 Reasons Why Soccer Players Are The Biggest Sports Stars In The World

Professional athletes are stars where ever they go but it’s safe to say that there are none more polarizing than the ones who play soccer. Whether they’re on the pitch or out in your town, there is simply no one cooler.

They are after all playing the most popular game in the world and command an international presence. These are the men that we all wish we could be!

Here are 15 Reasons Why Soccer Players Are The Biggest Sports Stars In The World.

Andrew Alvez | Elite.

15. You can be an Italian soccer star even though you’re not really Italian.

14. They can endorse Burger King even though they have definitely never eaten there.

13. Having terrible hair and looking like A$AP Rocky doesn’t slow them down.

12. They can make crying look sexy.

11. They are bosses and can become ambassadors for the Olympic games.

10. They can erase the fact that they have horse teeth by scoring sick goals.

9. They are the flyest athletes in the world (not like those NBA “hipsters”).

8. They can wear tattoo sleeves without looking like a thug.

7. Having one name is wavy. Even if it is Kaka.

6. The average paint job is just not enough.

5. Getting the boot is a great thing.

4. Being American makes you trash.

3. Flopping is actually a skill for them.

2. You get free underwear for life.

1. When you retire, you can marry a former Spice Girl and sit courtside at all of the Laker games.

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